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You can clearly see the pride and passion in every token.

Have you ever created a character in an RPG or D&D?

Remember the smile that crept across your face as you thought of a cool reason to have those stats? Or the laughs you had while min-maxing the goofiest player imaginable? Then this Project will bring those ideas together, for an interwoven community-created world, to be used in future projects.

Season 1

We first started seeing the outstanding artwork demonstrated by the artist from the ADA ACES Project when they collaborated with other up and coming projects on the Cardano Blockchain.

The project has real connection with its community, and the added ability to choose your favourite NFT!

“I’ve been refining my art for 30 years, ever since I could first wield a pencil. Yet, only a few times over those three decades did I profit from any of my art. Putting pencil to paper is my meditation, as everything beyond the page falls away. When I listened in on my first NFT twitter spaces, it was the first time in my life I connected with so many people on such a personal level. Interestingly, for me Cardano NFT spaces tended to have an even higher hit-rate with relatable and compelling individuals. For this reason, I decided to base my project within Cardano (in addition to, as Benjamin Cowen puts it the “why does ADA never do anything phase” making it easy for buyers & sellers to price the art)”. ADA ACES Artist.

 Full statement here… https://t.co/YOdsuuNEJp?amp=1.

Season 1

The ADA ACES Project is producing some of the most unique and striking 1/1 tokens you are likely to see, and they are not just art.  They are characters in a story, and you get to help tell their side of their tale. The goal of this project is to give ADA ACES NFT holders the ownership of their idea.

A non-generative project. There will be multiple versions of each ADA ACES tokens and they will all be posted on the secondary marketplace (new token added every Sunday) simultaneously, so you can look around and purchase your favourite (a privilege you do not get when minting most coins).

Once all the Aces are in wallets and the dust has settled, certain characters’ details will be revealed and airdropped as companion NFTs.

Season 1

The ADA ACES Project is dropping a limited collection of seventy-five rare, digitally illustrated NFTs, November 28th, 2021. The Purchasing price is 117 ADA. The price (not just a reflection of the limited collection) also grants the holder of the token a 20% chance of naming and adding a backstory to their character. NFT holders will also be air-dropped additional tokens along the project’s roadmap.

Even though the Cardanol NFT space is not as saturated as other blockchains, it can still be difficult to see the hidden gems through all the clickbait and flexing on social media. Many projects get lost among the blue chips and shilling but, with giveaways, airdrops and additional benefits for its community and a chance to help with the project journey. There is plenty for this projects follower to engage themselves with and to enjoy as the story unfolds.

Drop Date: November 28th, 2021

Token Price: 117 ADA

Where to Mint: TBA

Projects links

Website: www.adaaces.com

Discord: https://discord.gg/zFeftQGryY

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/ADA_ACES?s=20

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