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Arcade Devils NFT Project

Arcade Devils NFT Project

P2E Members-Only Arcade.

I don’t know about you, but I am a big fan of arcades. I remember when I was a child (many years ago) growing up in the 90s, watching my older brothers play on gaming systems the likes of Atari, Sega and Nintendo, with re-runs of the late 80s film ‘The Wizard’ (a story about a young boy and his brother running away from home, hitchhiking across the country with the help from a girl they met, to compete in the ultimate video game championship) playing in the background. As you can imagine, being the youngest child at the time, I didn’t get a look in when it came to my turn to play space invaders, Alex the Kid or Mario. This was the fuel that led me to the colourful lights and now nostalgic sounds of the local arcades.

Even then, I found myself waiting in line for the popular games with my coins in hand, dreaming of knocking whoever A.C.E was off the top spot of the score board.

Well, the Arcade Devils NFT project has got your back, retro gamers. This project is launching with a collection of 6666 hand drawn – algorithmically built NFTs, made up of hundreds of layers. Taking inspiration from 90s skateboard fashion, Arcade culture, and Lofi VHS aesthetics, each and every Devil is unique, and no two NFTs will ever be alike. The best part is, by just holding one of this project’s tokens in your wallet, will grant you access to a member only P2E arcade.

Arcade Devils

The Arcade will be hosting tournaments, opening its doors to the public on the odd occasion, but the majority of the time it will be strictly member’s only. Initially, the games will be simple but engaging with high scoring NFT holders getting rewarded with blue-chip tokens, Cardano Meme Coins, and native assets.

The project already has a community wallet/vault with holding such as Spacebudz, Clay Nation, Clay Nation x Good Charlotte, Zombie Chains, GOAT Tribe, BrightPalz, Yummi Universe, and more! So, you will be sure of some top token giveaways and prizes.

Collaboration airdropped NFT

Some of you from the Cardano community may have been blessed with an airdrop from the Arcade Devils as some Select community members and competition winners will be given whitelist tokens which will represent free/discounted/early minting access depending on rarity. So don’t for get to check your wallets!

Airdropped Token

The mint date has still not been announced, so click the link below to join the project’s Discord and to check out the project’s website for more updates, welcome to the Arcade.

Discord: https://discord.gg/aSxNgPb7j6

Website: https://arcadedevils.io/

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