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BluBots NFT Project

BluBots NFT Project

An evolving NFT with a story

Season 1

Just looking at the quality of the artwork associated with this project should get you excited. The creator of this project fell in love with the Cardano blockchain back in 2020. The passion and support, alongside the desire to make the world a better place through the Cardano ecosystem, supplied the inspiration the creator needed to build a project to reflect that same spirit.

The BluBots project will be launching with its Genesis mint on April 23rd with an ultra-clean and high 3D rendered collection of 5555 BluBot NFTs, with a host of detailed and evolving attributes and all for a mint price of just 48 Ada (public mint price). I’m seeing a project with both quality and valve.

“After the initial Genesis sale, BluBots will evolve as more and more features are exposed through the portal. Access to your Blu’s memory banks will give you the ability to implant their first memory since the glitch. Emotion chips will give your Blu the ability to emote and bring their face to life for the first time. There are also whispers of another wave of bots set to be deployed by an unknown source, each with a deep connection to the original Blu series.” – BluBots website

Still in the early stage of its roadmap, the team behind the project are already developing the next stage of the brilliantly original story.


“The intent is to take this project beyond static images, and to use these initial characters as vehicles for storytelling, world-building, and much more. You as the owners become participants in that story, where you can enhance your bots’ abilities, animate their appearance, tell their backstory, and bring them to life in ways never seen with NFTs.” – BluBots website

Season 1

This project has been years in the making, producing a high calibre of token artwork and utility. The engaging backstory will also keep you entertained throughout the project’s roadmap with more seasons, upgrades, and a ton of benefits for the collector and investors of its NFTs. It’s no surprise that both whitelists for this project are now full. Keep up to date with the project as it gets ever closer to the BluBots Project public mint.

Mint Date: April 23rd

Mint Price: 48 Ada

Project links

Website: https://www.blubots.io/

Discord: https://discord.gg/tBhVyxVV3y

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