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League of Lions

September 2, 2022 - September 9, 2022

The Lifetime Pass is a collection of 1,000 3D NFT utility tokens created on the Cardano blockchain and the beginning of the circle of life in the League of Lion’s ecosystem. Holding this exclusive ticket guarantees you all of the following: Early, guaranteed WL access to all of our future collections Discounts on all future mint prices, versus standard public price. Profit sharing from all secondary market sales of these Passes and Private Lounge, both in our server and in upcoming Metaverse. The Lifetime Pass is themed on the Tree of Life, using seven different tree types delivered in stunning 3D artwork, ready to take pride of place on your private land and estates in future Metaverses. Just as a real tree grows and continually produces leaves, the Lifetime Pass will continually produce benefits for its holders as the League of Lions ecosystem grows.

Website: https://lionsleaguenft.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LionsLeagueNFT
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/lionsleaguenft
Blockchain: Cardano


September 2, 2022
September 9, 2022
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