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Claynation is our Editor’s pick of the week and also a personal favourite of hers.

Not only is Claynation an already, well established digital NFT project, the small, dedicated Team have created this amazing, quirky art, all by hand.

Clay Mate #00
Charlie Birdkinson, was born on 17 April 2021.
“We understand that some years ago, Charlie was rushed to hospital
after a bird flew inside his left ear.
Doctors said there was nothing they could do,
and the birds took to building their nest inside his brain.
His parents couldn’t cope and abandoned him.
We found him in a tree.
He has recovered well and is looking for a mate to smoke cigars & eat steak with.”

Claynation are a collection of 10,000 NFT tokens and each one has its own unique clay traits, some more unique than others, so its future NFT owner will be the only person in the whole of the Metaverse to hold one of these beauties, and there is more…

The NFT holder will have exclusive access to Claynations special member’s zone, which is a place of peace, prosperity and furthermore a place to celebrate in harmony.  

This is not just it.. They have also kind-heartedly made donations of their profits to many charities, which is part of the Claynations initiative.

Claynations future looks jam packed with new ideas and innovations for its NFT holders such as being able to download full body 3D, game-ready, unique avatars for free, and setting foot in the enchanted woodland of The Village, a place to chill with friends and nature.

Experienced Claynation NFT holders and guest pass holders will be invited to enjoy a weekend of virtual events such as music, dance, meditation, and education.

Also, in the future Claynation plan to implement smart contracts with various utilities such as allowing pitch holders to customise their zones and choose who is allowed to chill in these areas.

With airdrops, merchandise, collaborations, community votes, game nights, raffles, physical card decks and expansion packs up their sleeve, Claynation is a must-have for any lucky individual.

Written and Edited by Sam

Clay Nation by Clay Mates (@the_claymates) • Instagram photos and videos

Clay Mates (discord.com)


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