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Creepy Cardanos Project

Creepy Cardanos Project

Are you into Dungeons and Dragons or Role Playing games? If so, you will be in love with the CreepyCardanos, the NFT project with 10,000 plus Creepie tokens. The Creepy Cardanos are planning to release female, male and baby characters, as well as pets, accessories and assets, all incredibly designed for a future RPG-based card game.


This is going to be fully interactive with the Cardano blockchain as well as directly with your wallet.

The team for now is composed of Adam Cooper the Project Manager and Developer, the incredible Artist Laura Boyle and Assistant Developer Neil Godfrey.

Adam and Laura have been friends for years and are the architects of the project and Neil was brought into the project for being very experienced within the industry.

A Games Developer is in motion but is yet to be announced.

“The inspiration for our project came from Laura’s early arts, and having a system of interchangeable props and pets that fit perfectly with my ideas for our game!”,   Adam.

The pre-sale which was on the 31st October 2021 had a pre-launch with a minting price of 25 ADA. This first drop consists of 1,000 of the 5,000 tokens, which will be female characters.

If you couldn’t get one of these tokens this time… relax. There will be another drop for the remaining 4,000 females in mid November, for a launch price of 35 ADA.

After that, in Q1 2022 of their Roadmap, the project will be releasing 5,000 male characters which will gain life on the blockchain, with a minting price TBC.

Also in Q1 2022 of their Roadmap, they will be airdropping baby CreepyCardanos to a few lucky HODLers who have a creepy mating pair in their wallets.

Season 1

After these three stages and the dust has settled, the Early Alpha building of their D&D/RPG style card game will begin. The project is very excited about this game and more information about this will be released in early 2022.

Whilst talking to Adam,  we  had an insight on their plans for their interactive game

“I can’t show any images yet as we are still very early on designing the look of our cards.

We will essentially be a deck building adventure. The aim is to draw assets from your NFTs wallet, like a wand, Jason’s mask, broomstick, candlestick etc., to build your deck of cards, each card being abilities or modifiers for damage. It will be something akin to ‘slaying the spire’. We are very early in designing alot of the key mechanics.

Pets will have it’s own mechanic, and we have some plans.” No sneak peek here, mates! Classified!”

So, is this enough to make you stay tuned and excited for this project? If so join their community and be ready to be astonished with it’s future

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/6DV6kWG2fs

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CCardanos

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_laurbo

Writer Marco Zero

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