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Crypto Hippoz

Crypto Hippoz

NOTE: This project has rugged.

New Hippoz On The Block!

Everyday, searching everywhere, we suddenly get to know a new project that gives us more and more passion for the Cardano Community and the CNFT’s project!

On this occasion, we are talking about the CryptoHippoz, a collection of 5,000+ Hippoz, with many features on it’s roadmap, a great team behind it, as well as a parcitipative community!

We are seeing a revolution on NFT’s, where big collections must have utility proposals, and CryptoHippoz have an incredible project for gamification on its way.

Waiting for the launch, they are doing bunch of raffles and giveaways on their Discord server and on Twitter for bringing awareness to the project.

Season 1

And if you’re curious about the token minting, it will be done in Phase 1 and 2, in four steps:

Starting with 1,500 CryptoHippoz at Nov 5th, 18:00 UTC, this first launch will be minted for 22 ADA, and for the other 3,500, which will be launched on Nov 12th, the price is yet TBC.

“The rarities are dependent on the frequency of specific accessories. We can tell you that the space helmet and visor will be some of our rarer items, but you will have to wait until closer to launch for the full rarities reveal”, said JCrypto, creator of the Hippoz.

Then, we see the breeding of new artwork, with the launch of 2,000 BabyHippoz, that will happen in later Q4 2021, same amount of AquaHippoz, launching on early Q1 2022, and of EarthHippoz, that will come to life later Q1 2022. The price and exact date and time of each launch will be announced on the Hippoz Discord and Twitter.

While talking to JCrypto, he told me that “The CryptoHippoz PolicyID is set to close on 6th April 2022, we submitted this for verification on CNFT.io a number of weeks ago so are hoping to be verified in time for launch. Each subsequent launch (i.e. BabyHippoz) will have a new policyID to go with it. Our current PolicyIDs can be found at the bottom of our website homepage.”

In Phase 3, the HODLers of the four types of Hippoz will be able to mint, FOR FREE, a totally new kind of creature: the SuperHippoz. And, to top it off, a special airdrop of a Super Secret Hippo will be done for the HODLers only.

“SuperHippoz will be limited to 1 per each unique wallet holding all previous season drops, the total supply will be defined by this”.

Phase 4, launching in Q3 2022, is when Hippoz invade the Augmented Reality (AR) world! New ways of using your CNFT’s and, the best part, future gaming integration.

In a second part of this phase, we will see the release of an Alpha version of CryptoHippoz game.

As you can see, a good roadmap and a strong team gives us reason to get more knowledge about the projects. Stay alert, don’t lose the minting dates and HODL!! As it’s written on their own roadmap, “loyalty will pay off”.

Website: https://www.cryptohippoz.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cryptohippoz

Discord: https://discord.gg/rtJ6vjK6kg

Writer Marco Zero

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