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Crypto Panther Club (ETH Project)

Crypto Panther Club (ETH Project)

If you are new to the NFT game or a seasoned investor, you are not going to want to miss out on this up-coming project gearing up to launch on the Ethereum Blockchain. With two lucky Diamond winners walking away with a Glod and Banksy, YES Banksy! Artwork worth over 100,000 Euro. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

GLOD was born 1994 in Poland. He lives and works in Vienna, Austria. He is one of the hippest and youngest modern Artist from Austria.

Guys and girls, I introduce you to the Crypto Panther Club NFT Project, a collection of, 5555 iconic and uniquely hand-drawn 2D panthers. Using hundreds of traits and more utility than you could ever imagine, getting in on this project’s whitelist will have you the envy of the whole NFT community.

GLOD’s works are influenced by street art, graffiti and painting, which creates a tension that not only functions as a tool for inspiration but also allows the artist a wide range of creativity. The pop cultural references are an important instrument for GLOD to investigate, visualize and also to question society.

The concept of this project was started back in May 2021 with aims of having a real-life value along with a world-class NFT project. The artwork, created by the famous artist Marcin Glod, is shaking up the NFT space. Unless you have been living under a rock, you will instantly recognise the panther from your childhood (I know I do).

Season 1

Not just your regular NFT collection, early investor can also expect access to Villa parties held all over the world, 15 lucky winners will receive a special Golden silk-print artwork edition worth over 1700 Euro. 100 winners will also get a standard silk-print artwork edition worth over 550 Euro, and all the artwork is created by the world a renowned artist, Marcin Glod.


If that wasn’t enough, the other community benefits will include holder rewards, where token holders will be eligible for a raffle worth over 300,000 Euro. Lifetime membership to VIP exhibitions in the coming years, with an opportunity to attend private artist dinner parties. Printed editions, every token holder has the opportunity to have their token printed and signed by the artist. The community will have regular votes on charitable donations to help those in need and with their breeding program in their roadmap, token holders can fuse their NFTs to create a unique second-generation panther. The project has also joined forces with the street artist Banksy, giving two lucky winners artwork worth over 100,000 Euro.


Getting on the whitelist is easy, join the projects discord and follow the instruction. The whitelist closes on March 15th and the public launch and mint price is still to be announced, and becoming an early adopter is a must for this project.

Glod at work

Keep up to date with the project and check their links.

Mint date: TBA

Mint price: TBA

Project links

Website: https://cryptopanther.club/

Discord: https://discord.gg/y63wZTjJDj

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