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CyberX Project

This is the latest PFP project launching on the Cardano blockchain, which offers both Web3 use and IRL (in real life) application unlike anything you have ever seen.

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Now, this is the kind of project I like to review. Not only is the CyberX project a well-thought-out project with outstanding art and utility but, the creators are getting involved with the community and engaging with investors via Twitter spaces, answering questions and spreading the word about Cardano NFTs.

CyberX is a continuation of the Cyberbots Project that has its own goals and utility. The project consists of a collection of 10,000 Cyberbots, each with a distinctive attribute from everyday life, or a trait from a fictional character. To ensure each NFT is as individual as the next, the DEVs (developers) of the project have used a one-of-a-kind rarity system with a large selection of different items, giving each Bot its own attitude and character.


When you mint a Cyberbot, you will not only be receiving a high quality 3D rendered NFT with access to an exclusive community. But NFT holders will have a ton of holder benefits and IRL utility attached to the metadata of the token. You only need to hold one of the OG tokens, and you will be eligible for all that this project has to offer. I am excited about this project, the artwork is banging, the team are engaging and with CyberX still in the early stages of its roadmap, there are some massive incentives to become an early adopter of this project.


Listed below are just a few of the benefits a token holder can expect

  • The IP (intellectual property) rights of your NFT

If you want to put your Cyberbot on a hat or a t-shirt, then feel free to do so! If you are the holder of the token, then you can use that image as you see fit.

  • Airdrops

Token holders will be able to connect their wallets to the project’s interface and claim themselves airdrops released by the project. The first in line is the “CYBERX NEON” collection.

  • Metaverse Ready Files

Your Cyberbot NFT will come backed up with ready to use metaverse files as and when the projects’ metaverse unfolds and your PFP becomes an avatar.

  • 3D Print Files and Build it Yourself Kits

Receive files enabling token holders to make 3D figures of your Cyberbot. As a NFT holder, you can also receive a build it yourself AirFix type kit of your Bot.

  • Community Treasury

The project will also be setting aside 10% of the sales from the OG collection into an open wallet for the community as a treasury. Token holders will have the opportunity to make suggestion and cast votes on what to do with this reserve, i.e., funding a smaller project.

CyberX Project

The CyberX project is developing a wallet interface where you can connect your wallet to their “CyberX Customization Generator” and interact with your NFT and get a breakdown of your token’s traits and attributes. Token holders will also be able to build and mint their own custom Cyberbot.

The projects’ website is clean and user-friendly, you can check out a variety of token examples, read through the project’s white paper and find links to their social media accounts. I am personally very bullish on this project, and I haven’t even told you the best part yet! The mint price is just 5 ADA! I have already got myself on their whitelist, I can’t wait for mint day. I will be in the project’s Discord, getting to know the community and keeping up to date with this project as it creeps closer to launch.

July 16th

I have just scratched the surface with this project, and doing your own research is paramount in this environment. So, checkout the projects links below, and I will see you in their Discord.

Mint Price: 5 Ada

Mint Date: July 16th

Project links

Website: https://cyberbots.club

Discord: https://discord.gg/WmsxTyczgr

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