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More then Just a Project

This project has a lot of people talking in the ‘CNFT’ space, as this is the first interactive NFT on the Cardano Blockchain.

The DEADPXLZ cNFT project will be generating passive income for its genesis, 10,000 cNFT hodlers.

 If you were lucky enough to mint one of the original, super cool retro pixelated ‘PXL’ cNFTs, now fully distributed, you will be happy to know, that the next stage of this projects white paper, is forging and its already going down a storm.

As mentioned, there will only ever be 10,000 utility filled tokens produced by this project under its policy id; and anyone holding them will be seeing an increase in the passive income with every ‘Forged PXLZ’ created on the Cardano blockchain.

These are randomly generated cNFTs are stuffed with metadata. One example allows you to install the NFT as a Dapp on to your smartphone. You can then interact with your token by tapping it with your thumb and watching your pixilated character respond with a mood swing or a color change. Additionally, you can double tap your ‘PXL ‘and reveal its attributes (rarities), a genius way of showing off a NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) everyday use, eliminating the need for any third party or a P.C to flex your token.                                                                                                              


“All PXLZ are essentially web pages. This means that they benefit from the versatility that a website has to offer. They are the first html encoded NFTs minted on the Cardano blockchain. These are IPFS-hosted files & the only external resources that they use are also IPFS-hosted. This guarantees that their visual appearance, functionality & code can never be tampered with. All PXLZ feature a set of assets that are meant to enhance the level of social interaction with the asset.”

 Deadpxlz website

With distribution now complete, the projects next major milestone is at the forging stage.

This brilliant project will allow anyone, ‘PXL’ holder or not, to create or upgrade their own ‘Forged PXLZ’, becoming the next link in the chain of ‘PXLZ’. The forge, (primarily an online shop where you can build your own token) will use the Ada (native ‘coin’ currency of the Cardano blockchain) generated from purchasing, and then distributing it to its ‘genesis’ holders as royalties, depending on the types and traits of their NFT.

So, combining one of the 5 PXL types (dead, reptile, vampire, wolf, and alien) with one of the 69 attributes, investors can own a ‘Forged PXL’ cNFT or alternatively pick one up on the projects secondary market and see what other hidden perks and power-ups they have.

The projects community are ‘all in’ on the project, purchasing merchandise from the website to display their personalized token on. We can see the third stage of the creator’s roadmap (with the introduction of smart contracts) generating some serious wealth indeed, with its play to earn ‘PXLZ Wars’.

The Projects Community is strong and has got a private club feel about it, with members instantly befriending anyone displaying their ‘PXL’ as a profile picture and recommending the projects website to sweep the floor for a bargain.  We asked Adrian what he loves most about his project’s community?


“Besides the fact that it was built from the ground-up, organically, we have now reached a point where I’m not feeling like referring to DEADPXLZ as *my project* anymore. And another thing is that the community got to that sweet spot where it self-manages. I mean I do drop by Discord plenty and have chats with the guys there but at this point there’s a lot of people there who I can say that I 100% trust to provide the right information and guidance to newcomers. And not only PXL-related info but anything NFT-related actually. It’s become a safe haven for anyone looking to learn more about the Cardano NFT space.”

Adrian, the end-to-end creator, artist, and Project Director of the Deadpxlz NFT project, has every right to feel proud of his project. He has so much more planned, I personally, have deepened my understanding surrounding the utilites of NFTs. We have barely just begun to scratch the surface of what Adrian’s pixelated creations are capable of and we are extremely excited as to what this cool character has lined up next. We were interested to know what NFT project Adrian was most excited about and he left us with this…

“There are a few projects which I’m looking into right now but the thing I’m looking forward to generally is having a SC-enabled marketplace in the space. I think that will attract a lot of new people into the space as well as provide that extra *legitimacy* we’re all looking for. That’s very healthy for Cardano as a whole.” We are blown away Dreadpxlz and we know you will be too.

Website: https://pxlz.org

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pxlzNFT

Discord: https://discord.gg/7nSpsCVx5X

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