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IRL Event
Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole

The UKs biggest IRL interactive NFT-Gamify event is back!

The UKs biggest IRL interactive NFT-Gamify event

After the success of the Genesis IRL event which took place early this year (May 18th, 2022), Nickel Factory (the organisers of the of the event), are proud to be inviting its amazing community back for its second major event ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’. This event, held at Studio 92 in the heart of Londons artistic trend-setting riverside Hackney Wick, is set to be bigger and more interactive than any other IRL event in the NFT/crypto space hosted in the UK, and you wouldn’t want to miss it!

The Genesis Event (too late you missed it)

The IRL Genesis Event

From conception to completion, the Genesis event was brainstormed and put into action by the team over at Nickel Factory who came up with the idea to gamify NFT events making them more interactive while educating people on decentralisation while offering exclusive prizes with tons of added benefits for event goers. Not only was the Genesis event a brilliant opportunity for NFT projects and associated ecosystems to demonstrate their art and utility, but the event was quickly noticed by pioneers of the web3 and NFT space, to introduce more people into the community and quickly gained over 20 Sponsors. Event goers were entertained with live music (Moses Concas winner of Italy’s got talent and co-founder of Imagine Action was outstanding) and could also get a drink between the guest speakers who were educating the crowds on NFT/Crypto Alfa and insights within their respected fields. There was also over 150 interactive QR codes for event goers to scan, giving them exclusive access to whitelists, giveaways and upcoming projects or events. Hundreds of decentralised enthusiasts turn out, including over 100 students looking to gain more knowledge on Web3, crypto and NFTs.

Check this the awesome article by NFT Plazas (NFT Plazas Meets London’s Web3 Community IRL at Genesis Event).

IRL Event Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole

I know right!? But don’t panic if you feel you have missed out. Nickel Factory has been hard at work behind the scenes ensuring that their upcoming IRL event ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’, will be bigger and more interactive than anything seen in the NFT/Crypto space. This next event will also be held at Studio 92, in the trendy east end of London and event organisers have more than doubled the venues capacity to accommodate the additional speakers and other, interactive gamify areas. Down the Rabbit Hole will also have visual effects, VR and live music and with even more interactive QR codes scattered about the venue for event goers to engage with.

Just a scan of the QR code you could land yourself a fresh new piece of art in your wallet or find yourself on a whitelist for an upcoming NFT project; you might get the Alfa on a new ALT coin or learn about trading candles. Wallets, decentralised exchanges, NFTs, art, P2E, games, staking, giveaways, DJs, music and so much more…


Community and sponsors

Shout-out to everyone for making this event happen.

Anyone and everyone who is involved in the decentralised Crypto/NFT space in the UK will be there, so make sure you are too.

Oct 19th, 2022 @ Studio92.

Event links:

Tickets: Down The Rabbit Hole Tickets, Wed 19 Oct 2022 at 16:30 | Eventbrite

Website: Home | Nickel Factory

Twitter: @nickel_factory

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