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Dungeon Looters Club CNFT Project

Dungeon Looters Club CNFT Project

The Dungeon Looters Club (DLC) is a CNFT project aiming to gamify the Blockchain.

This project will be introducing a four-phase roadmap with a guaranteed mint for its early adopters.


How many times have you awaited hours for the mint to start, only to find the project has sold out in minutes? The Dungeon Looters Club is allowing Investors to buy in to the project before the mint to not only help with the project’s early development but, to ensure there are no disappointed investors on the day of mint.

By purchasing a DLC skeleton key before each mint date, investors are guarantees an NFT from the DLC Weapons NFT mint via airdrop. There will be three DLC skeleton keys available, ranging in benefits, granting the community an opportunity to secure themselves a token from each mint (check the project’s white paper).

Gold Skeleton Key

Completing phase 0 of the project’s roadmap and entering phase 1, the dungeon Looters Club will be launching its first collection of tokens December 28th, 18:00UTC. This drop will be consisting of three weapon types (swords/daggers, staffs, and bows) Each weapon will have its own attributes with rarities. These attributes will depict how strong the weapon is (Attack). There will be 7,500 weapon NFTs up for mint with only 5,975 available to the public with 1,500 being airdropped to the DLC skeleton keyholders and twenty-five tokens will be retained for community engagement and giveaways. Each token will be set at 30 Ada, and investors can only purchase one NFT per transaction.

Season 1

The artwork for this project is cool and original, full of colour and creative design, the DLC are working hard to produce a utility packed project with its community input.

“There are many projects that aim to change this stale process and drive the NFT market to a new high by introducing functionality and utilization to their NFTs. DLC is one of these projects. The goal is to gamify the blockchain. This means there are no visuals, but it is game like. There are talks of a game, but nothing is in the works yet. We will come back to this later. (We are open to suggestions on what type of game you’d like.)” DLC white paper.

Season 1

Reading this project’s white paper will break down the future of the project’s direction and provide a better understanding of the team’s aims and goals. There is also an elaborate pay-out system in the project’s roadmap that requires a closer look from its investors.

Mint Date: December 28th (1800hr UTC)

Mint price: 30 Ada

Project links

Website: https://dungeonlooters.club/

Discord: https://discord.gg/nW6Hg5MPmm

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