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Gigolution NFT Project

Gigolution NFT Project

Doing for NFTs as Redbull has done for extreme sports!

Season 1

Gigolution does not fit the standard model when it comes to a NFT project. A fan lead music and technology business that is building a platform to bring fans and musicians closer together. Gigolution exists outside the NFT space and is moving strong, but loves the possibilities that Cardano can offer and what it can bring to the Cardano space. 

Season 1

Gigolution is creating a mobile application that contains a wide variety of services including hosting media content, live-streaming, and fan-to-fan-to-artist communication. Fans will be able to follow their favourite artists, support new musicians, discover new music, access free content, or subscribe to exclusive content. The Gigolution Marketplace offers artist related merchandise, collectables, CNFT products. The project’s Box Office offers tickets to both physical and virtual events, and Gigolution is creating new revenue streams for artists while providing an awesome experience for fans. 

Season 1

To accelerate, the project needs to grow its community and recruit more developers. To raise the capital, they are starting their crowdfunding campaign and have chosen a preferred route through CNFTs.

The project has also teamed up with digital artist Roz Hall to produce a collection of genre inspired vinyl images. They are starting by producing two collections of 10 genres and minting 600 of each. Minting a Gigolution Standard Edition CNFT will not only provide you with the excellent art from Roz Hall but also comes with  

  • Free access to one Gigolution Artist Subscription for life of ownership per NFT.  
  • Money off vouchers Gigolution Marketplace  
  • Entry into free draws for music collectables.  

Gigolution in their own words…

“Gigolution is an upstart disrupter that believes it is time to do things differently. We stand for fans, artists, and music with the goal to bring positive change to the music industry. We believe in respecting fans, rewarding artists and championing new music. Gigolution will connect a community of talented music artists with passionate fans by bringing everyone closer to the music. 

Gigolution believes that it is time to do things differently in the music industry, we are building an application to gather a community of fans and music artists. Our technology will contain a ladder of tools and services that will allow artists of all sizes to create unique content, interact with their fans and be fairly rewarded for their work. Our fans will be respected, protected from touts, and be given the opportunity to be closer to the music they love. We believe that we have a big part to play to support new music from schools and upwards, we want to support new artists to make music full time and not be distracted by part-time jobs. We want to-do for music what Red Bull has done for extreme sports.  

We have teamed up with digital artist Roz Hall to create 20 unique NFTs inspired by musical genres in two drops of 10. NFT owners will be rewarded in our applications with free subscriptions and VIP treatments. Profit raised from the campaign will be used to employ developers to accelerate the company roadmap. Come join in and give Gigolution the power to create change”. –  Creator of Gigolution.

Season 1

The projects’ mission is to bring a positive change to the music industry and believes it is time to do things differently. Gigolution stands for its fans, artists, and the music and are entirely for fair practices in the live music industry and are taking action to make things better for everyone.​​ So don’t waste any more time and get involved and check out the projects links!

Mint date: Minting May 2022

Mint price: TBC

Project links

Discord: https://discord.gg/HhGCMCAgTx

Website: https://www.gigolution.co/

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