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Grammy Granny NFT Project

Grammy Granny NFT Project

Grammy Granny is a 5,000 unique Grannies collection from Khama Island.

Grannies have been living in Khama Island for over 2,000 years now, but the climate change have affected their homeland, and it’s on the verge of destruction. Grannies are seriously looking for a solution and have decided to sent out scouts to look for a new settlement. After cancelling their Grammy Granny Awards, things are not looking good and tension is beginning to rise.

Season 1

Luckily enough, the Grannies’ scouts have returned with good news about a new and exciting world called Cardano blockchain. Now 5000 Grandpas will have to move to Cardano blockchain to put things in order before going back to Grandma’s, so they could start a new life, have kids and continue their awards.

What is Grammy Granny Awards:

Grammy Granny Awards

Grammy Granny Awards is a quarterly award show that will be hosted on our Discord and Twitter Spaces where talented musicians, NFT artists and comedians come together to show off their talents. The best will be chosen by the community in a poll. The winner will stand to benefit a Grammy Granny Award, we will help and guide you to launch your own project on our launch pad and a cash prize of $2,000.

Our goal is to help others grow!

Birth (Breeding and Staking)

Grandpa’s are happy for the huge progress, and now they want to have kids. Grannies (Grandpas and Grandmas) will go on a long holiday (staking), and after the holiday they will be coming back with a kid (3D rendered Grandkids will be airdropped to those who stake their Grannies).

Note: You can also earn GRAM – this will be the coin for the project – by staking your Grannies (either Grandpa or Grandma), but you won’t be able to breed a 3D Grandkid.



Our Launchpad will be created to help new upcoming artists, we will direct them and help them launch their project.
Our Launchpad will help reduce the rug pulls and other scams to protect Grannies and other investors. Only people who hold GRAM token and stake them are qualified to participate in our Launchpad.

Projects website

Play-to-earn Game;
The airdropped 3D Grandkids will be used for our in game play-to-earn game/competition and GRAM token as our in-game token.

When launch: 14th March 2022

Discord: https://discord.gg/MkeKa54se6

Website: https://grammygranny.club/

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