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The Hell’ Hyenas Motorcycle Club is a play to earn NFT Project on the Cardano blockchain, and this project is taking steps towards the metaverse with its high quality and detailed avatar tokens. Not just a highly collectable NFT, but also entry to the Tavern Brawl FPS game. An action-packed shoot-em-up where you can make some bags as the Hell’ Hyenas and the Vicious Coyotes fight for dominance over Nomanzville.

Tavern Brawl P2E FPS game

By purchasing one or more of these 3D tokens, you are not only getting a NFT embellish with attributes that will have the envy of your friends, but you are gaining membership to a club. Your Hyena 3D token is your access to a very exciting road map and road trip which these mischiefs will take you on, for a ride along.

MMHC Season 1

The Hell’ Hyenas Motorcycle Club will be launching with an epic collection of, 5500 tokens on February 25th, 2022, and the price pre mint is a reasonable 50 Ada. The project intends to drop 300 Coyotes NFTs on the day of mint and judging by the community’s reaction to the art, they are sure to be gone in no time.

HHMC Season 1

The project’s roadmap has exciting plans, not just a NFT P2E FPS game but soon also staking, so you can earn extra tokens. Ensuring longevity, the project aims to provide unscheduled airdrops and incentive to reward NFT holder and will be relying on the community for feedback and suggestion on the direction of the project.

“Holders with diamond hands will be able to stake their HHMC NFT to earn tokens and to be able to use their HHMC NFT to access the upcoming game Tavern Brawl.” -HHMC Website

Stake your NFT to earn more tokens

The project is all about an organic growth and hasn’t relayed on over marketing and or shilling, so if this project is new to you, I suggest you check out their website and discord for future updates and engagement.

Writer Mark

Mint price: 40 Ada

Website: https://hhmc.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HHMC2021

Discord: https://discord.gg/VkRh4HX9zj

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