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Invisible Buddies NFT Project

Invisible Buddies NFT Project

A community driven DAO project

Season 1

“We plan to under-promise and over-deliver” – creators of Invisible Buddies

You won’t find a standard, generic roadmap or unachievable goals with the Invisible Buddies NFT Project. Understanding that the NFT industry is extremal dynamic, the creators of the Invisible Buddies wants the future of its project to be genuine, and that’s where you the community come in!

The project will be launching with a collection of, 4444 unique hand-drawn and digitally illustrated Invisible buddies April 16th and the mint price is set at 30 Ada. The Whitelisted will be able to mint first, and the public mint will follow shortly after (5 hours). Investors are also able to mint 5 token per transaction, and you can mint as many times as you like, but that’s not all! Each token will look very similar to the next from this project, and a revelation will be announced 72 hours after the launch in the project’s Discord chat party.

Invisible Buddies NFT

How the project aims to bring its community value

“One of our early objectives is to help our holders to be early on new projects that have potential. We will have an alpha channel exclusive for our holders, we will search early about these projects and push to have partnership with them if they have exclusive whitelist spots and give it to our community. In this case, holders will save time searching for projects and getting whitelist spots. We will also have a random giveaway of mint budget for these plays. This alpha group will be built inside the Invisible Buddies community.”- Invisible Buddies website.

Invisible Buddies NFT

As a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) the project will be setting aside 5% of the primary mint and 50% of all the secondary market royalties for the community. Holding the projects tokens will entitle you to a vote and each NFT equates to one vote, and still that’s not all. You will also have 100% of the commercial rights of your artwork.

Invisible Buddies NFT

All this is in the short term for the project and once the completion of the these plans are met, the creators of the project will be focusing on the long-term plans, utility and metaverse integration.

The Team

Personally, I really like the approach of this project and the artwork is exceptionally good. So,  get over to the project website and get involved.

Mint Price: 30 Ada

Mint Date: April 16th

Project links

Website: https://invisiblebuddies.io/

Discord: https://discord.gg/s8zywvSxcS

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