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It’s All About the Community with Masked On Buttons

It’s All About the Community with Masked On Buttons

Masked On Buttons ticks off the checklist: unique art, evolving roadmap, and a strong and organic community!

From the very beginning, we know that building and sustaining a community is an important key for the success of any NFT project; and so, Masked On Buttons have been continuously growing together with its MOBSTERS.


Building MOB Community

MaskedOn Buttons (MOB) is an NFT art project based on the Cardano Blockchain which features digitally hand-drawn button-eyed, strangely colored characters, wearing facemasks.

When we started Masked On Buttons, we were really stoked with the support given by our early supporters and the CNFT community as a whole. The bridge NFTs make between artists and the community creates a dialectical relationship which results to the betterment of the project.

We initially intended to create value with our NFTs just through story building – the MOB narrative. However, as we progress together with our community, this narrative, and the whole project itself, became even more community driven. The results: MOB Lore (read: https://mobcnft.xyz/mob-lore-canon/) ; and our current direction is just amazing!

However, such is not one without a struggle. Although we have a very supportive individuals in our community; there are still those who gets disappointed and frustrated when MOB NFTs don’t moon instantly. Nonetheless, we understand the sentiment, and so we continue to find ways to engage with our community, and to find ways to increase the value of every MOB NFTs.

As of the moment, we have about 6000 members in our Discord server (bot free, hopefully!) enjoying our community events.



While we build a story through NFT collections, Masked On Buttons is not just all about NFT drops.  For November, we have quite a few in store for the MOB Family and the whole CNFT community!

First, we have the Discord quiz parties, also known as The Battle of the Fast Hands! On scheduled days, we hold a quiz competition, questions of which are about Masked On Buttons and anything under the CNFT space. Add in a few head-scratching random questions and it’s a wild ride! (“DING! DING! DING!”, “Brazik!” and “Bokbokbok!”)

We’ve also decided to engage with our members a competition we have titled, “MOBs R Frens.” The top members who rank the highest with regards to the engagement with other members of the community win various NFTs from other CNFT projects.

Another exciting activity we launched recently is the Fan Art Competition. We have a lot of creative people in our community, and we thought this was a way to showcase those talents. Winner of this competition may later join other CNFT creators in our #TeamSeas campaign (more info below).

Lastly, we have a new redeemable token for our MOB ADA button holders! These ADA buttons are given out as prizes during The Battle of the Fast Hands.

Reaching Out beyond Discord

With the support of our community, Masked On Buttons were able to donate a percentage of sales from the recent Halloween Treat drop to FundLife International’s COVID-19 Emergency Response. This donation will be distributed as COVID-19 learning kits to different youth communities.

Also, we are spearheading a collaboration with different CNFT creators to support #TeamSeas in the 300M pounds of trash ocean cleanup efforts. Joining us in CNFT creators for #TeamSeas are: Anim8bits, Adalantic, ADANinjaz, Happy Hoppers, Hornies, LowPoly, SharksNFT!


Next on Masked On Buttons

Indeed, community fuels the fire of the MOB Team. Having one that imparts their thoughts on anything about the project helps turn the gears in the team’s mind. Hence, most of the community suggestions are coming into reality in a few!

Soon, Masked On Buttons will be releasing a lite paper to discuss how MOB holders will be further incentivized through staking together with their MOB NFTs with ADAPH, our official partner stake pool. While we prepare for that, our artist has been working hard to come up with awesome airdrops for MOB holders.

And yep, MOB City is coming up next sometime in December 2021. As in most of our previous drops, this collection is another attempt to bring something new to the CNFT art scene.

There is a lot more to come in Masked On Buttons! As the project continues to develop, come join our community!

Website: https://mobcnft.xyz

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MaskedOnButtons

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/wB3NMqjSZf

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