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LordOfTheCoins NFT Project

LordOfTheCoins NFT Project

Lord of the Coins. Sound familiar to you?

It’s because this CNFT project is based on the popular high fantasy genre! Have you ever fantasized about staying on an actual shire? A lush environment free from the dreary hustle of everyday life? Cardano is a blockchain that is turning more fantasies into realities every day, particularly since the recent launch of the Alonzo smart contract system. We’ve discovered a fascinating CNFT project called Firefly Shire that is taking advantage of this new technology. They are an eco-focused crypto-based project looking to build a real-life shire village in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. next Summer.

We asked the creators, Ashley and Lilia, about the inspiration for it:

“We were thinking about setting up an off-grid hobbit hole to use as a seasonal home base, and that idea quickly grew into building something on the Cardano blockchain that could have a positive impact on the future of human living spaces. There are so many cool possibilities”.

Firefly Shire

If you think this is enough to get amazed about it, wait until you see the utilities on their roadmap!

Phase 1: 3 Series of NFT drops, Q4 2021. Series 1 dropped October 9th, Series 2 will go live on November 11th, 2021, and Series 3 launches in December 2021 with Dropnir’s UTO Event.

Phase 2: Build Prep, Q1 2022. They will plan with architects and other experts, collect building materials that have been donated to the project, make website improvements, and even launch a Lord of the Coins animated series. 

Phase 3: Breaking Ground, Q2-Q3 2022. Building will commence on the shire location, finishing the first flagship earth-sheltered home and basic facilities, including bathrooms and glamping site, by the end of the summer. 

Phase 4: Expansion, Q3-Q4 2022. They will implement $ADA booking calendar for the HODLers, RFID tech development, and building expansions.

Phase 5: Dropnir Project Launch, December, 2022. Through their partnership with project Dropnir, Lord of the Coins CNFT collectibles will provide drip rewards to holders, special access to content on their website, and act as keys to real-life benefits at the Firefly Shire.

Last but not least, we present the creators of this project, who are two women with a track record to envy. Lilia, the “Cyber Sorceress” of the team who makes the web & content, was an internet child, building sites since 6th grade! And then, in her 20s, she became a Couchsurfing Ambassador, and went around the world, as well as hosting hundreds of travelers, everything through the internet.

Being a community builder, a technical analyst, and having knowledge of coding, she participated in plenty of social work, including co-founding a peer-to-peer disaster relief organization after Nepal’s earthquake in 2015. She also volunteered to WWOOF on organic farms during her many travels.

Ashley, the designer of the project, is behind the NFT art and the plans for the Shire build. She has experience with building houses, growing food, and setting up solar energy. Building is a family thing; Ashley’s family is filled with engineers, designers, and innovators. Ashley has also traveled and lived abroad for years and spent a lot of time volunteering. Firefly Shire is one of the most creative real-world Cardano projects this far along in the planning stages. So follow the projects’ Twitter profile, join their Discord server, and mint one of their amazing creatures. It is a wise investment for your wallet.

Website: https://fireflyshire.com/lordofthecoins

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LordOfCoinsNFT

Discord: https://discord.gg/3KFWW5vxMv

Writer Marco Zero

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