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Lowbrow Martens NFT Project

Lowbrow Martens NFT Project

Lowbrow Martens


This is one way to describe the Lowbrow Martens Project! The projects’ website literally tells you the Lowbrow Martens have a NO BULLSHIT policy, so those of you who like to keep things highbrow, steer clear because this project wants to party and is bringing its own supply! The Lowbrow Martens will be launching on the Cardano blockchain with a collection of, 5555 rebellious, high quality NFTs. All handcrafted and digitally illustrated by the well-known Croatian art veteran Vedran Klemens.

Season 1

With close to 20 years of professional experience, Klemens portfolio has big brand names the likes of, Google, Coca-Cola, and Stella Artois under his belt, and along with his own personal art, that has an almost cult following, Klemens has received many awards for this work (including Effie, Red Dot, Art Directors Club). Some of it is a part of the permanent exhibition in the Croatian Museum of Art and Crafts. This project is representing the best of the lowbrow art movement.

Founder of the Lowbrow Martens Project

The Lowbrow Martens project is set on being different and will be rewarding its community during the public mint, for example. Soon as the project has minted 20% (1111 tokens) of its first collection, it will reward its investors by dropping 5 token holders 500 Ada each. At the 40% mint mark (2222 tokens) Klemens will design a 1-of-1 custom Lowbrow Martens hoodie for one lucky token holder. Soon as the project hits the 60% milestone (3333 tokens) 6 token holders’ wallets will get airdropped a unique Lowbrow Martens NFT. This continues all the way up to the 100% goal, where the project will reveal all of its future plans, roadmap and will start with its main community giveaways across all social media.

Minting Rewards

So, what are you waiting for?

This project has it all, attitude, a well-known Artist, and artwork with more detail and utility than anyone could need (seriously, just zoom in on any of the tokens). The project has just released details on the mint price and date and witnessing what they have produced so far, I am confident that the CNFT community will be bullish on the Lowbrow Martens Project.

Keep up to date with the project and its announcements by clicking the link below to the Lowbrow Martens website, and get yourself involved with the CNFT project of the year!

Website: https://lowbrowmartens.com/

Mint Price: 1 NFT – 45 ADA, 3 NFTs – 125 ADA, 5 NFTs – 200 ADA, 10 NFTs – 350 ADA, 20 NFTs 600 ADA

Mint Date: May 5th, 2022 (2000hr UTC)

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