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MetaCenter NFT Project (ADA)

MetaCenter NFT Project (ADA)

Business world in the metaverse

The project that aims to create an opportunity for everyone to pursue their dreams and achieve success, launching on the Cardano blockchain March 31st with a supply of, 3333 MetaCenter Metaverse land spaces.

Drop of, 3333 land spaces

To do that, they need to build a Metaverse world where anyone can open their own business, meet with colleagues for Future Collaborations (B2B) in the MetaCenter and build your success.

Each landowner will receive monthly passive income by holding property in the “MetaCenter”!
There will be a fixed transaction fee of 0.01% in the MetaCenter that will go to the project’s staking pool and at the end of every month, there will be an airdrop for all property holders in the MetaCenter.


In the future, the team behind the project envision that any property owner will have the freedom to lease or rent their private property to other people who are either willing to open their business in the MetaCenter or are just looking to enjoy all the privileges of business! While this metaverse project is still in its early stages of development, the team is eager for what is to come.

 “This digital world that we have been working so hard to build over the last year will only succeed with the love and support of the Cardano community.”- MetaCenter NFT Project

The projects’ prediction for Q4 2022 is that its holders will be able to open their first business in the “MetaCenter”.

Keep up to date with the project via the links below.

Mint date: 31st March 2022

Mint price: 40 Ada

Discord: https://discord.gg/jkFrDkDERY

Website: metacenterada.com

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