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MetaFurKitty NFT Project

MetaFurKitty NFT Project

Fully transparent and registered in the US, the MetaFurKitty NFT Project is ready to mint now on the Cardano blockchain.

Season 1

Metafurkitty Series One:

The first (life) of nine (lives) with the project goal of becoming the go-to platform for supporting animal welfare initiatives. The first series is simply a fun re-creation in cat form of the classic smiley emojis, with 840 NFTs being available in total at 260 ADA each. 20% of the ADA earned will go to Lanai Cat Sanctuary in Lanai, Hawaii for the purpose of assisting them with maintaining their incredible facility. Please check them out at https://lanaicatsanctuary.org/.  Transparency is key, so reach out to them if you have any questions.

Season 1

Cats need an environment that creates happiness and that includes tall places, open spaces, hiding nooks and shelter from the elements. Indoor sanctuaries are possible but require more rigorous maintenance and disease prevention measures, as well as heating and cooling in most climates. Lanai Cat Sanctuary in Lanai City, Hawaii, has created a place that people love, a playground so appealing that guests will happily roll in the grass with the cats.

Lanai Cat Sanctuary in Lanai, Hawaii

The Metafurkitty first series has also received US Copyright protection under 37 C.F.R. Section 202.4(c); reach out for more information.

Season 1

The project is also supporting the growth of the Cardano ecosystem by facilitating adoption – as such, any Cardano Community member with a Yoroi or Daedalus, that facilitates (and proves) a Metafurkitty NFT sale by providing the transaction ID, we’ll allocate within twenty-four hours 40% of the ADA earned to that individual’s wallet.

Season 1

In addition, for anyone that buys 5 or more, we can ship a physical version from Texas.

Real life utility

If you like cats and charity then this project is for you, releasing in small batches and looking to its community for the future of the project, you as a token holder will have a vital role to play with this project.

Mint Date: Minting now

Mint price: 260 ADA

Project links

Discord: https://discord.gg/A4gRbQrGcP

Website: metafurkitty.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/metafurkitty_nfts/

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