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MetopiaDAO Project

MetopiaDAO Project

If you’re a crypto trading, metaverse maxi and a high-rolling NFT baller; you should be getting bullish about the MetopiaDOA project. The decentralised autonomous organisation that aims to have its community the vote on which metaverse assets the project should acquire to generate revenue and passive income for its token holders.

Phase one

Early adopters of this project will be eligible to mint the projects ‘Builder’s Token’, each holder of the token will be able to cast a vote on how the DAO project funds will be spent i.e. Metaverse land, blue chip tokens, prizes etc… Builder Metopia Tokens will have a host of benefits, and holders can expect to earn up to 9 times more than the other drops along the project’s roadmap (governance token).

Phase one

The project also intends to airdrop 5 Builder Token holders with 500 Ada and one lucky holder with 2500 Ada as valued believers. There will be a limited supply of the builder token (1000) and the project will be dropping its larger collection of Governance tokens (9000) once the Builder tokens have sold out.

The project plans to split the projects fund 75/25 75% of the projects earning will get back into the projects funds to be voted on by the DAO, and 25% will be used to pay developers etc…

MetopiaDAO will also be dropping its own native currency ($MTPA Token) into holders’ wallets shortly after the second phase is complete, and holders will be able to stake the assets with the project’s own stake pool. Community is very important to this project, and community rewards and engagement is all part of this project’s roadmap. The project will also be asking its asset holders to regularly vote on project matters.

Season one

The MetopiaDAO is a fantastic project with lots of potential, and giving its white paper the once over is definitely advised.

Discord:  https://discord.gg/PR6gKPfPYQ

Website: https://metopiadao.art/

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