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Pastel World NFT Project (ETH)

Pastel World NFT Project (ETH)

Holders of the project’s Pastel Prophets tokens will also gain exclusive membership and access to all Pastel Worlds brands and metaverse community ownership

8888 Collection

The Pastel World NFT project is a truly amazing collection of 8888 Manga inspired PFP NFTs. Launching on the Ethereum blockchain, each token will be in a consistent state of growth and will need to evolve with their new world for survival. But the artwork attached to this project isn’t all that has investors excited. Krew Studios has also work on successful projects like the Mask NFT project, a genius project by Jordi Molla (the actor from such films and Blow and bad boys 2) and has also worked with brands the likes of Hypebeast, Universal Music studios and Def Jam Recording. Now they are gearing up to drop an outstanding PFP avatar project like no other!

The Team

The Pastel World NFT project Is unique because for you to survive and thrive; PASTEL holders must be in a constant state of ongoing growth and self-discovery. You must grow, or you will die. The more life experience that colours your tokens lives, the deeper and more diversified your colours become. This project’s life journey is progressive and the more you evolve, the more you will become vibrant in a PASTEL WORLD.

Season 1

Just as creative and intriguing as the project’s direction, is the project’s backstory.

Located deep within the Pastel Galaxy, a prismatic planet is the beacon to the Pastel Prophets. Journeying far through space, they arrive at PASTEL WORLD with nothing but their physical bodies and minimal survival tools… but with no ordinary backpacks. In each backpack is an enchantment life form that the Prophets must nurture to thrive in the Pastel World. The Prophets must flourish on this new perfect planet – or face the risk of becoming extinct. The Pastel Prophets are gifted people from the PASTEL GALAXY, a cluster of planets and stars many light years away. Tragically, their home planet was destroyed, and they were forced to roam deep space in search of a perfect planet to populate. After hundreds of years searching aboard their Starship, they found PASTEL WORLD. Could this be their new home to evolve their race?

Season 1

Judging from previous successful projects, being an early adopter of the project will be the only way of securing your own Pastel Prophets NFT. The colourful and teasing tokens will be your avatars in the Pastel galaxy and with the potential intention of land sales of the new world, the Pastel World NFT project is one on the watchlist for investors.

Season 1

Each token is set at 0.088 ETH (approximately £180 at the time of writing) and the mint date will be May the 9th, 2022 (very soon). Keep up to date with the project announcement with the links below.

Mint price: 0.088 Eth

Mint date: May 9th, 2022

Project links

Website: https://www.pastelworld.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pastelworldx

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/7g8SZ4Pdkj

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