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Pixendo Games Post Mint (Pew, Pew)

Pixendo Games Post Mint (Pew, Pew)

What a day, what a mint, and what an absolute privilege.

From the presale rush to the very last token, the Cardano community happily splashed out on the Pixendo Games Projects’ fully on-chain, in game assets.

At 1500hr (3pm UTC) on November 25th, 2021, the metaverse had it first glimpse of what the talented and accomplished team behind the Pixendo Games project can achieve. The community had fallen in love with the perfectly pixelated retro spacecraft non-fungible tokens long before launch, and a bright and prosperous future is ahead.

Members wallet

Within moments of the presale-mint announcement, this project’s discord server was a flood with fleets of spacecrafts. Green, blue, red, and the community coveted purple pixelated spacecrafts were proudly displayed for all to admire. The same was to be said for the public launch, members were minting in excess of 15 tokens then comparing them with others or suggesting future swaps.

Given the number of drops taken place on the Cardano Blockchain that same day, the vending ran extremely smoothly. There was a small delay in wallets receiving their tokens and viewing them on platforms like CNFT.IO (a secondary market). This is due to the makeup of the token and how it is stored. Most Non-fungible tokens are either on-chain, or off-chain. The vending company responsible for the successful launch is named MINTOKEN. Developed by the inventive architect Shaahin (part of the team that brought you the Time Trotters Project), and his system has proven to stand the congestion during peak times.

On-Chain Token

On-chain NFT

An on-chain token means the art is stored on the blockchain just like the token and as long as the blockchain (node) exist, so too will the art remain indefinitely. Only a handful of projects mint their NFT images on the blockchain. Most only put the NFT metadata on chain and link their images to a cloud service like IPFS, which could result in inaccessible images, or censoring. https://www.nftboxes.io/on-chain-magic. Fully on-chain tokens are forcing secondary markets to update the own systems to accommodate the technology.

Off-Chain NFT

An off chain NFT can be stored in one of two ways. The normal internet where you will be directed to a storage website via a link (metadata) attached to your token, or a safer practice of P2P, created to work alongside the blockchain to help project store images off-chain but in a secure way.

There is a common perception that the blockchain technology that underpins NFTs leaves the digital assets impervious to corruption and is permanent. This is true in terms of the token metadata, however, there is a potential vulnerability that exists in the way that digital artwork may be stored for some projects. If the digital art is stored off-chain, there is a potential that you could be stuck down the road with the token metadata that points to a broken link. Knowing the on and off-chain components of your NFT will make you a more informed collector and enhance your understanding of project quality.



It was a privilege to be welcomed in by the team for a front row seat and with the project selling out within 36 hours, and the community still growing day by day. The Pixendos Games team is now focusing on developing Pixendo Space over the following months, so your spacecraft can start their journeys back home to safety.

Keep up to date with the project links

Website: https://pixendo.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pixendo_Games

Instagram: https://instagram.com/pixendo_games

Discord: https://discord.gg/MbwhxueEs7

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