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Pocket Towne NFT Project

Pocket Towne NFT Project

You don’t know it yet, but you are going to be seeing a lot more of the Pocket Towne project. So, take it down to Pocket Towne… You’re not going to want to miss what they got going on!

Pocket Towne Dolls

Take it down to Pocket Towne!

The guys and girls behind the Pocket Towne project aren’t all about that Ada. Having made their bags in crypto long before Cardano NFTs was even a thing, they are here to produce a long-lasting project where you can interact with others and build your own unique space.

Pocket Towne Land-rush

Still in the early stages of their roadmap, the project has not long released its Genesis Doll NFTs for you to use as avatars in the Towne, super cool and unique, each one is hand-drawn with over 500 attributes. The project also has its own currency called Pocket change, the idea behind the hole burning pocket change is to customise your dolls, help decide on some of the future decisions for the project (governance) and Towne development. After the game is launched, pocket change will also be used for in-game purchases and rewards. Now the project is gearing up for its land-rush sale!!!

Pocket Change

Just like the historical gold rush of early America, the first to claim their land-rush parcels will not only get their land at an impressive mint price, but will no doubt be the envy of the Towne. To be in with a shot of being one of the first 500 to the show, you will need to have either 50k in pocket change or one of the Genesis Dolls.

Genesis Dolls

The project has mini-games in its roadmap too and will be bringing you their tattoo shop and train in phase 2 and will be looking towards bringing you more mine-games for everyone to enjoy. This project will also be bringing a quality game to the market that everyone will enjoy and love to play, so get to know the name Pocket Towne and check out their website, you will only regret it if you don’t!

Website: https://pockettowne.io/

Discord: https://discord.gg/WZ8EQcqjg3

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