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Serenity Pictures NFT Project

Serenity Pictures NFT Project

The first full length feature film exclusively on the Cardano platform as a NFT!


Another first for the Cardano blockchain and if you’re a fan of films and tokens with a difference, you’re without a doubt going to want to an early adopter to the Serenity Pictures NFT Project. With benefits like, air drops, behind the scenes exclusives, interviews, merchandise, and all run by a highly motivated and experienced, transparent team. Serenity Picture’s NFT Project will be laying the foundation for a new epoch of not only enjoying movies, but engaging with films too.

“I always deliver.” – Augusta, lead character TOXICA

The NFT community got a sneak peek of Serenity’s first full length feature film ‘TOXICA’ back in late February 2022 when the project dropped a trailer to the action packed title on a limited supply of NFTs. Now the project has just launched its OG token ‘Augusta’, a collection of 2,500 beautifully hand-drawn and digitally illustrated NFTs. These tokens will be part of the first set based on Augusta, the lead character of the feature film ‘Toxica’. Augusta needs certain items to complete her mission, keep herself alive and reach her goal. Keep an eye on them, you might need them too…

​Who is Augusta..?

​Picture the scene, It’s the late 1990s in a sinister city where a cosmic horror lingers… You find yourself amongst gloomy goons, psychotic professors, eerie engineers, and barbaric businesswomen. Your guide is Augusta, a former stunt woman who just ran out of luck and makes some cash as a PI. You don’t have to trust her, and perhaps you shouldn’t. But she’s all you got to make it through this adventure.

“Saying ‘it’s impossible’ marks your own limitation.” – Rona, director TOXICA

The accomplished and creative team behind the project are from all over the world and each a master in their field and fully transparent. Rona is making her Directorial debut with Toxica and is also an award-winning filmmaker and author. Carlos has worked for video games such as Fall out 3 and W.o.W, he has also been working in UK post-production for the past 12 years. You also have the development team RetroNFTs providing support and behind marketing and production management is Ivo. All are fully transparent and approachable.

“Trust is a big catalyst in everything you do.” Carlos, producer TOXICA

The project is due to launch its first full length NFT film April 17th setting the bar for NFT films and pioneering how we interact with movies, some lucky holders of the OG tokens may already have received an exclusive Toxica NFT poster via airdrop as a thanks for their support. Check the projects website and join Serenity Pictures NFT Projects Discord to keep up to date.

Mint price: 40 Ada (Augusta token) 100 Ada (Full film NFT)

Mint date: (Augusta token) minting now (Full film) April 17th 2022

Project links:

Website: https://www.serenity-pictures.com/

Discord: https://discord.gg/2Q7ndtuwXZ

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