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Shark Squad CNFT Project

Shark Squad CNFT Project

The Shark squad CNFT Project aren’t new to the Cardano blockchain, this project has already impressed the community with their first drop back in November with a collection of 333 brilliantly hand-drawn and digitally illustrated Great white sharks named Logan. Listening to their community, they are evolving, and they have this to say.

Season 2 drop coming

We are a small team of four, three guys in the US and myself in the UK – between us, we handle everything in-house including the art, social and coding. We started with Logan the Great White Shark, due to mint mid-November 2021 we had aimed to release 2500 CNFT’s based on 2D art. Unfortunately, the initial mint had some issues around timing, the market and the appetite of the space for simple 2D art.

Season 1 drop

We didn’t want to pull the project, not after many of our community had bought into us so instead, we took some advice from Night Hawke (https://twitter.com/callnighthawke), reduced the supply to 333 and sold the remaining CNFT’s over the space of a few weeks.

That experience taught us that people want different things and the CNFT space is evolving very quickly, so we decided to change drop two from 2D to 3D. While researching 3D options and appetite, we soon learnt that a lot of people prefer close-up PFP’s, some like action shots and others like complete scenes. We wanted to please as many people as possible while also adding real value to the project for our existing community, so we decided to deliver on all three view options.

1 of 3
2 of 3
3 of 3

So, on March 12th when people mint our CNFT’s, they will receive 3 different images wrapped up under the same CNFT as sub-files. The PFP, the Action Shot and the Full Scene – not bad for just 45ADA.

We are splitting our drop over two mints, an initial drop of 444 followed by the ‘Reinforcements’ of 222 around two weeks later. Between those two drops, we will be publicising the project and running the competitions for the 1/1’s we are releasing.

Shark Squad

We also recognised that people like a collaboration, so we have reached out to 11 projects in the space, some big, some small but all important. Using the original art of those projects and our own, we have planted over 50 Easter Eggs within this drop. For instance, Ghost Chain Society are offering a free mint from their S2 drop, Shelley in Wonderland. Vudu Brigada are offering both a S1 CNFT and a S2 one!

Collaboration project

We introduced the OG Logan token, a CNFT in itself which lists out perks of holding five or more Logans from drop one. We also have a VIP token for drop two, which is going down well and also offers year-long perks.

As for the future, we have mapped out the rest of 2022 and kept it purposefully realistic with manageable drop sizes. We are not going to tell our community that there is a Shark Squad metaverse in the pipeline, that kind of thing takes a lot of research, work and money. We are going to offer metaverse avatars later in the year though, we are witnessing more and more projects ‘sharing’ metaverse spaces, so maybe that is something we can move into.

Legend tokens

We have considered setting up or becoming part of a DAO, we would start small and introduce voting tokens and maybe combine our efforts with projects that are willing and who have learnt lessons we can adapt from. Again though, this will be a story for 2023, we are building solid foundations for steady but sure progress.

The CNFT space is much closer knit than some other chains, and while there are still some FUDers and bickering, there is a thread of family that seems to run through it. Our project is small enough to reflect that family vibe and while we don’t have the busiest of Discord servers

we do have people from all over the world and a core base of ‘regulars’ who make it all worth it.

Easter Egg collaborations:

Ghost Chain Society

ADA Army

Elephant Secret Society


Critter Sweet

ADA Ape Club

Black Tie Collective

Wood Lords

Kimosabe Art

Fuzz Balls

Vudu Brigada

And us, Shark Squad (we are airdropping ADA to people who pull certain CNFT’s)

Website: https://sharksquadcnft.io/

Discord: https://discord.gg/gZTsQGpb5P

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