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The Cardano Carnival

The Cardano Carnival

Have you heard of Equine, Derp Birds, Cardano City and Goofy Gang…?

Well, let me introduce you to the Cardano Carnival NFT Project on the cardano blockchain. This project is not clowning around in the Metaverse. It has plans to be the next Bumping Uglies, ViralNFT and Cornucopias of the NFT space.

This UK based project has its sights set high and aims to have its brand in lights with the other up and coming blue chip projects.

The Projects roadmap has laid out some of its goals that can carry not just themselves to the top, but Director’s (brothers-in-law Bozo the Clown and Penny the Unwise) plan to build strong and mutually beneficial relationships with other projects old and new, keeping their projects relevant too.

Working together, the project also intends to strategically buy and sell tokens to stop a low floor price and collaborate to promote between drops keeping co-operative project centre stage.

The Cardano Carnival Project is also reaching out to its community with incentives for ideas and opinions, to help define the future of the project. Understanding that having a strong community knowing that its valued and well informed goes a long way.

 After all, Confidence comes with knowledge.

Season 1

Fun is also a major part of any carnival, and this project is full of it. From their twitter post to their discord banter the project likes to interact with its investor and keep them entertained. The fun also extends to the project’s artwork all designed and digitally hand illustrated by the project’s niece Page, a young graduate student enrolled by the brother to Direct the art and to form the prefect act.

Rewarding project hodlers and providing a platform for other projects to exhibit themselves, as well as having lots of simple things in place to keep the hype within their projects is just one of the ways Bozo and Penny intends to keep projects consistent and high.

Season 1

“Our pledge is to do everything we can to build retained value into our NFT’s across all drops, they’ll all link together, and utility will be a key longer-term focus for us to ensure in 1, 2, 5 years and beyond, there is every reason to keep hold of our NFT’s.” Bozo.

Exploring utility and its potential is also important to this project, and it will be investing heavily for the future susses of itself and its supporting projects.

Ambitious right? Absolutely… blue chips must be!

With a clearly laid out road map, that keeps them moving beyond the first drop and plans to protect supporters and holders who hold their tokens from falling victim of an unintentional rug pull the project see security in it future.

Season 1

“We’re seeing so many projects at the moment that have good intentions but don’t have a big enough vision to succeed longer term… This ties into a trend we’ve seen quite a lot now, where the artwork creates amazing hype, but lack of good follow up post the first drop sees the hype quickly diminish, at which point the project team either push on and work through it or drift off and rug-pull…” Penny.

For a bunch of clowns, the Cardano Carnival Project has its twisted head screwed on straight and is pathing the way for other project to enter the space with support and security.

Drop date… To be announced

Mint price…To be announced

Policy id….

Website: https://cardanocarnival.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CardanoCarnival

Discord: https://discord.gg/gVPRVgD7cw

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