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The Cardano Proxies NFT Project

The Cardano Proxies NFT Project

The Cardano Proxies are bringing to the Cardano Blockchain, stunning, high fidelity Artwork which has been crafted individually and with over 200 accessories that are connected to the characters.

The Artwork is based on 5 enchanting woman, with the aim to draw you in and hypnotize you with their different demeanours, poises and struts.

These Proxie NFTs are available to Mint now and are definitely worth considering purchasing one of these spellbinding NFTs, as the Cardano Proxies have a clear vision and a good Roadmap.

By holding one of these NFTs, you instantly become a member and can partake in community networks to gain access to information and discussions in verified channels, to learn and create opportunities for development in your Proxies area, and you also have access to join in and vote on ideas for that proxy area.

There will also be Airdrops for active members and Proxie holders, and the option to buy and sell on the secondary market.

It doesn’t end here, the Cardano Proxies have created a Beehive System.

Each Proxy will have 1000 NFTs and holding one lets you vote in the Proxy area, giving you the platform to offer your own ideas and projects, which then the Beehives can vote on.

The Cardano Proxies are all about organic growth and community building.

I think the artwork for this project is on par and is clean and crisp and gives that mesmerizing vibe. This is definitely one to check out.

Website – https://cardanoproxies.io/#home

Twitter – https://twitter.com/CardanoProxies

Discord – https://discord.gg/theproxies

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/cardanoproxies/

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