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The Cardanocade NFT Project

The Cardanocade NFT Project

The NFT you will spend hours looking at while, playing?

Retro, nostalgia! Just some words you will hear when talking about this project, that aims to integrate an emulator into your tokens.

Season 1

The Cardanocade Project, brought to you by Minister and FlooDnl, is demonstrating another brilliant use of utility. The team behind this project is excited to be producing something new and fresh to the Cardano NFT space, with NFTokenized Gaming. Their goal is to roll out a small and fun, community-driven game that relates to the current project in development. Each season will be different, and the community will drive the creation of each new season and emulator.

The first real NFTokenized emulation Gaming on the Cardano blockchain. Created by gamers, for gamers, and played directly on-chain on the NFT itself.

A limited collection of 1,989 tokens will be launching December 11th, 2021, at 2000hr (9pm UTC). Available for mint will be 3 unique handmade and fully interactive ‘Handhelds’ in 6 colours, and each colour will have its own original emulator game and animation. The mint is set at 50 Ada and the remainder of the 2000 tokens are for community engagement and giveaways.

On-chain Gaming

Being a part of the community is important to this project, as you will have a big role in the token’s development. As a Discord member you will be able to vote on future projects, choose the theme and backstory or even have a chance at becoming an NPC or enemy in an upcoming game! You as a community will help with every step of the gaming experience.

​Mint Date: December 11th, 2021, 8pm UTC

​Mint Price: 50 Ada

Project links

Website: cardanocade.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nft_arcade

Discord: https://discord.gg/eMu2QfDdKy

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