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The Cardingo.io CNFT Project

The Cardingo.io CNFT Project

If you are a Charles Hoskinson fan and like to do your bit for charity these Cardingo NFTs are the ones for you.

The Genesis series consists of 6 unique collections dedicated to Charles Hoskinson, so you had better be quick and purchase ones of these nifty Cardingos because these are a one off and the Cardingos will not be minting this series again.  Holding one of these rare NFTs in your wallet, could benefit you directly in the future when they become desired collectors’ items offering utility and value.

Season 1

First on offer will be Cardingo Hoskinson NFT collections. Cardingo have developed several collections of Hoskinsons series NFTs, both art and computer generated these being the ‘Hoskeychains, smokeyhoskeys, Hoskeymates, Hoskeymation, Hoskeywords and HoskeyHuskell’.

The first to arrive is the Hoskeychains and contained in this collection are 10,000, computer generated Hoskeychains of different rarity and design. So, checking out these guys Roadmaps is a huge must!!

Season 1

Through unique offerings Cardingo will connect Cardano fans worldwide to showcase talented artists on the Cardano blockchain.

“On Cardingo, collectors don’t buy what they get, they buy what they want”.

Whilst Cardingo is not a charity token they will make transparent and variable donations to specific charitable organisations that work to preserve the dingo.

They have also partnered with the Australian Dingo Charity and will be providing them with donations.

The Dingo is a well-respected animal in aboriginal mythology and is thought they can even detect evil spirits. These animals are vital to the Australian Eco-system

‘Those who stop dreaming are lost’ – Australian Aboriginal Proverb

To purchase one of these unique Cardingos with options to buy directly from the Cardingo marketplace check out their package deals below


So with the launch date fast approaching, keep your eyes open and finger ready to snap up one of these unique NFTs

Mint Price: TBA

Launch Date: TBA

Varified: TBA

Projects links

Website: https://cardingo.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cardingo_io

Discord: https://discord.gg/VhAs8S74q4

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