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The Cardingos NFT Project

The Cardingos NFT Project

Announcing the release of the 4th season in the Cardingos Hoskey collection, funky and cool, this collection is called the Hoskeypunks.

With only 10,000 Hoskeypunks being released at 7ADA and varying in rarity and design, snapping one of these beauties up is going to be hard if you don’t get in there quickly.

Out of all the NFT’s Cardingos is another favourite of mine.

Having wrote a story before about these guys, which was before their first drop, they have certainly come a long way since then.

Cute and quirky, these NFTs certainly give maximum impact with their design and utility.

By making the choice to reduce their first collection of 5000 to 1888 NFTs, which was released in Q4 2021 Phase 1 of their roadmap, this added to the rarity and collectability of their token.

With the first drop completed, the Cardingos have a few treats up their sleeve with Q1 2022 Phase 2 of their roadmap.

In this for the long haul, the Cardingos are all about building and rewarding their community.

If you were lucky enough to have purchased 5 Hoskeychain NFTs, you will be airdropped 1 Hoskeypunk.

If you hold 10 Hoskeychain NFTs, you will receive an actual keychain (attached to NFT) which has been exclusively manufactured and 2 Hoskeypunks by airdrop.

If you hold 1 Hoskeysmokey NFT, you will receive 1 Hoskey keychain, 1 physical keychain (attached to NFT) and 5 Hoskeypunks.

Also, the Hoskeychain will soon be available as merchandise, a physical, collectible asset on the Cardingos forever-growing platform.

The final drop and the last computer generated NFTs will be the Hoskeysmokeys, which are the collection’s pride and joy and will cost you only 250 ADA, with only 150 of these amazing NFTs available to purchase, they will generate a passive income as the community grows.

These are the Genesis of the complete project and will be the final phase of the Cardingo series.

These guys have definitely got this sussed…. And if this wasn’t enough, they are generously donating a portion of their sales to the Foundation to save the Dingos, which is close to the Cardingos heart.

But don’t worry, the Cardingos have lots more planned for the future…

The Cardingos are working closely with developers to create avatars of your favourite Cardingo, where you can interact with other community members in the Cardingo Smash Club Arena, a boxing and UFC themed world.

Focusing their attention on Artist generated NFTs such as aboriginal art and creating vault services where you can stake your Cardingo NFT in the vault and earn Dingo tokens.

With all this to look forward to, I can feel it’s going to be a very busy for the Cardingos.

Website – Cardingo

YouTube – cardingo CNFTs – YouTube

Discord – https://discord.gg/WQW8EDYZuy

Instagram – designer CNFT collections (@cardingo.io) • Instagram photos and videos

Reddit – Cardingo (reddit.com)

GitHub – Cardingo (cardingo designer CNFTs) · GitHub

Telegram – Telegram: Join Group Chat

Medium – cardingo.io – Medium

Twitter – cardingo_CNFTs | HoskeyChains MINTING LIVE (@cardingo_CNFTs) / Twitter

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