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The ChainChillaz CNFT Project

The ChainChillaz CNFT Project

This upcoming UK Based NFT Project is showing the world that the Brits are here, and they are entering the metaverse with a collection 5,555 super clean and ultra-playful ChainChillaz Tokens.


The Chainchillaz are fundamentally a herd, and this Project is asking the Cardano community to help rescue all the Chainchillaz and provide them with a safe sanctuary, until they can all reunite and find strength numbers once more.

Not all the NFTs will be up for direct mint, the project will be retaining 55 from the drop. This is the start of the initial giveaway pool for holders, and will all be given away and NOT kept by the team. Minting will start at 1800hr (6pm UTC) December 12th, 2021. Each token will have a set minting price of 37 Ada per token, with 2 Ada from every transaction being donated to an endangered animal charity. You can mint as many Chainchillaz as you like, but it is currently only one token per transaction.


Community engagement, Ada giveaways and NFT airdrops will be instore for the lucky members of this project.

“During the minting stages, 10 lucky holders will also receive a special prize of 300 ADA! This is for those who are fortunate enough to mint one of our 10 unique 1 of 1 NFT’s. We have also hidden a few more surprises within the supply, if found, holder is also able to claim a prize of 50 ADA. There are 30 special ChainChillaz eligible for the prize within the 5555 released.

This brings a total of 4500 ADA back to 40 lucky holders just through our minting.” Discord.

Once minting has reached 100%, the project will begin to establish the community pool via a percentage of ADA from minting.


With a formidable team and attractive incentives for its investors, the CNFT community will be pleased to hear that is project is now verified on CNFT.IO. Ticking all the right boxes, this project is all about giving back to its community and helping adorable, fluffy endangered animals live another day

The Chainchillaz project also wants to implement an official Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) in the future and by becoming part of this creative Project, you can help with this mission.

Mint Date: December 12th ,2021 (6pm UTC)

Mint Price: 37 Ada

Project link

Website: https://chainchillaz.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/The_Chillaz?s=20

Discord: https://discord.gg/z854xSjtpR

Projects Medium: https://medium.com/@ChainChillaz/an-introduction-to-chainchillaz-nft-on-the-cardano-blockchain-6c6338554bdd

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