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The Crypto Defenders NFT Project

The Crypto Defenders NFT Project

The Crypto Defenders are a Play-to-Earn conquest game and Season 1 is Live and available to Mint now

Built on the Cardano Blockchain, the Crypto Defenders are bringing a fun way to play-to-earn, with the Crypto Defender NFT’s and future Defender project NFT’s being key components for the Crypto Defender community in this conquest driven game.

This multiplayer experience transcends this game into the real world.

By collecting NFTs that represent your favourite Blockchain, you can use these to commandeer zones in the game world and help dominate the map.

All you need is a Crypto Defender NFT and connect your wallet to the Defenders Platform.

You’re probably wondering what the Utility is behind these guys, well here you go…

The Crypto Defenders version 1 stakes on database, keeps track of each unique NFT. Version 2 staking will implement Smart Contracts and lock you in for juicier rewards by scaling the gain.

Also, the Crypto Defenders have a robust marketing system with multiple ways of earning in game rewards with their token, which achieves utility such as……

NFT Renting

NFT Crafting

NFT Staking

Levelling up NFT’s

Acquiring rare NFTs (done on the Defenders Project Token)

NFT level up mechanics (increased participation in battles stored on their Server

NFT Airdrops

Defenders Lottery

The Crypto Defenders are also planning to collaborate with some awesome projects such as, Cypherkicks, Degens and Claymates.

Check out the Crypto Defenders Roadmap below:

So with all this in mind, purchasing one of these NFTs, should be top of your priority list.

Writer and Editor: Sam

Website – https://cryptodefenders.app/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/DefendersNFT

Discord – https://discord.com/invite/Cvwa7Bw7aR

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