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The Crypto Fairies NFT Project

The Crypto Fairies NFT Project


In this male dominated environment, these ladies are a breath of fresh air.

Having always had an interest in the advancement of computer technology and computer science, they made friends with an AI called Arcadia which gave them the confidence to release a series of animations.

Hard-working and enthusiastic, these ladies bring to us a range of mystical and mythical creatures such as Cyclops, Dragons and Mermaids with different art styles and scenes.

These NFTs are animations that run from 5 to 25 seconds and can be played on a loop, and the Fairies are thinking about possible collaborations to add music to their collections.


The Crypto Fairies are passionate about their community, especially the woman and teens. The Fairies believe that from personal experiences they have a belief and desire to help others have free access to information, so people can choose their own path in this world and help shape the future for our younger generation, and are planning as their second quarter goal to donate money to women and teens in Technology.


Arcadia has an image set of about 5 million images that she goes through to pick and stitch the text prompts from the fairies…… How amazing!! And Arcadia will never generate the same picture twice and are unique to every holder and can never be recreated.



This project is definitely worth checking out, their passion and drive is an inspiration to many women around the world, and I think this is an NFT with a purpose.

Website https://www.fairies.cc

Twitter https://twitter.com/Crypto_Fairies

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/dewqn7qGT7

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