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The Cypherkicks NFT Project

The Cypherkicks NFT Project

If you’re into shoe shopping, you have certainly come to the right place.

Cypherkicks is the first trainers NFT on the Cardano blockchain, with 5000 NFTs being released over 6 seasons…

Collaborating with the likes of Space, Farmers, Lunars, Deadpxlz, the Hoskinsons and Baby Alien Club, you are in for a treat with these bad boys.

With season 5 now underway, snapping up one of these NFTs should be high on your priority list. Cypherkicks are not only creating NFT’s, but they also have their very own merchandise such as Cypherkicks decal, socks, hoodies and t shirts, and are even planning to bring out their own, high quality Cypherkicks trainers. How cool is this!!

Cypherkicks are also holding Stake Pools and offer a low 2.0% fee, exclusive delegator only, Cypherkicks Universe NFTs, with access to special events, and great stake rewards! 

There is lots on offer and this isn’t just it, with the community at their heart there are many advantages of joining their Discord server. The Cypher kicks are offering a ranking system where members can level up by commenting or participating in their discussions and by rewarded points for participating by the Cypherkicks Bots. These points can then be accumulated and traded in for rewards such as Cypherkicks merchandise.                                                         

The Cyphekicks have also created a community treasury where a percentage of the sales from future drops will be put into the treasury and then the community can decide what these funds are spent on.

There is so much to look forward to in 2022 with these guys, with a new collection of 5000 unique NFTs called the HypeBeasts. This collection will be air-dropped to holders of the Cyphekicks main collection NFT for free.

If you’re looking for utility, well the Cypherkicks have got that covered, as they are bringing out their very own HypeBox.

The HypeBox is where you can customize your very own trainers. There are 3 types of attributes; midsoles, laces, and socks, which are included in the metadata.

So, with so much going on and so many rewards and incentives, I will definitely be looking into purchasing one of these beauties myself

Writer and Editor – Sam




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