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The Derp Birds NFT Project

The Derp Birds NFT Project

CATEGORY: Collectibles

DROP DATE: Season One – Sold Out


PRICE PER MINT: Secondary Only



The Derp Birds NFT project is a collection of 10,000 Cardano based, unique NFT collectibles, which have been beautifully hand drawn.

There are 14 different Archetypes in total with different traits and attributes to distinguish them from each other and they all live in the land of Dertopia

When a Derp Bird, manages to master its archetype and has been rolled with the same archetype in every attribute slot it becomes a perfect specimen and are the rarest of the Derp Birds collections and these come with a special background layer associated with their archetype.

The colour of your Derp Bird comes in all the colours of the rainbow plus more, which also impacts the rarity.

It doesn’t stop here there is also the Derp Bird Eggs.

These eggs were made by a Mad Scientist who infected each egg with a mystery virus and his creation of an incubation device allowed the Derp Birds to populate with their offspring The Derplings.

The Derplings are small and cute but do not be mistaken for their soft appearance as these Derplings are dangerous and there are many things that make these Birds a mystery.

The Derplings also have a variety of different attribute options, that aren’t tied to one of the 14 male archetypes.


The Derp Bird community is strong and passionate about the project, and you won’t go more than a few minutes in their Discord without someone mentioning the word Derp.

With plenty of rewards for their community and holders, The Derp Birds are most definitely a community driven project.


The utility behind this project is you are given the ability to incubate your Derp Bird Egg.



The Derp Bird NFT project is well constructed and definitely worth checking out.

After a successful Season 1 drop with their well put together project. We are very much looking forward to Season 2 and what they have to offer.

Editor and Writer – Sam

Website – https://derpbirds.io/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/DerpBirdsNFT

Discord – https://discord.gg/mRmKQGPQhA

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