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The Dogs of Society

The Dogs of Society

The Dogs of Society NFT project has blue chip written all over it.

This project is using utility to make a stand and fight back against the tyranny form their jealous, and evil Squirrel overlords. The creative back story to this project (product of a very professional Portuguese team) is first class.

Set in another dimension…

The citizens of Goodboi City were living in harmony with one another within their thriving Dog community. Everyone throughout the land was hardworking and loyal and the infrastructure was advanced and modern, not too dissimilar to our own here on earth.

But this paradise was never going to last for ever.

Goodboi City

For years the people of Squirrel City grow envious of their more socially advance Doggie neighbours and started to plot against them.

One day as sun went down over Goodboi City. The citizens of the Squirrel community attacked. They rampaged through the city, killing all that rebelled and destroying anything that stood in their way… Eventually the city was in ruins.

Many were dead and the remanding few from Goodboi City took sanctuary in the surround woods and licked their wounds…

They alone have pledged to rebuild the heritage of their ancestors.

Once again dogs will rise as the model society that everyone admires and looks up to. Relentless, and risking life and limb with the constant fear of another attack, they worked. Day and night they toiled to pull up new foundations for their city.

Unfortunately, the work is far from complete, and the small loyal community is slowly losing heart…    That’s why, for the first time in centuries, they have chosen to allow strangers, one hundred most courageous and noble men on Earth, to join their forces.

“So, as you surely now know, the history of Goodboi City is far from rosy. Yet, we have high hopes that together we can build a thriving community of diverse, unique and valuable members. Very soon, some of you will be able to assume exciting identities as our citizens. As we grow in number, new roles and buildings within the city will be uncovered”.

The final stages of this project will build upon all the characters in the complete Goodboi City and combine the elusive world of non-fungible tokens with the tangible nostalgia of a yesteryear comic book!

Do you have what it takes to become a Goodboi citizen? 



Another wow factor is the quality and professional feel of this project. Their website is well built, easy to navigate and user friendly with an easy to read and achievable roadmap. This project is taking the time and extra effort to get it right for its investors. This project also values its community’s opinion and will be recruiting a small but die-hard loyal group to guide the citizens of Goodboi city through the most unfavourable of circumstances back to glory.

“We are dedicated to foster the spirit of loyalty and will always seek to reward those who believe in us first and those who stay with us despite the lure of the latest fads. Such preferential treatment will take the form of exclusive access to some aspects of the city, early bird access or direct consideration of CNFT, ADA and more!”

The project intends to launch with high quality but a low volume of tokens, having more drops throughout its roadmap. They have planned out the first 3 seasons and the artwork attached to this project is already causing a stir in the metaverse. The high quality of the digitally hand drawn illustrations are screaming out detail, you can tell that love and pride has gone into every inch of this non fungible token, which makes it so much more desirable.

Confidence in the NFT space comes with the knowledge, knowing you are in safe and competent hands. You are sure to the benefits of hodling these NFTs and what better way to do it the with man’s best friend.

Stay tuned for more details to follow soon.

Policy id: TBA

Launch date: TBA

Mint price: TBA


Twitter: https://twitter.com/DogsOfSociety_

Website: https://dogsofsociety.io/

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