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The Kaeru Kingdom Project

The Kaeru Kingdom Project

Cardano Community, let me introduce you to the Kaeru Kingdom, the battling tokens at war on the Cardano blockchain!

“The Kaeru Kingdom is a collection of 4,444 Kaeru NFT – ancient frog warriors that live on the Cardano blockchain. For millennia, the Kaeru people have lived in peace following their ancestor’s victory in the great spawn wars over the merciless Crow Nation, with thousands of Samurai killed in the protection of their homeland. Yet, recent scout reports have unearthed troubling news. To the East, hordes of vengeful Crow mercenaries have begun to amass in preparation for war. The second era of conflict awaits.”   Kaeru Kingdom website.

Battle Plan

This project is still in the early stages of development, is already turning heads in the token community with its attention-grabbing backstory and sharp artwork. The team responsible for this epic project is dotted all around the globe and they want you to know that they are here.

Shotgun Satoshi – Founder. Known for his beautiful singing rabbits and is a bit of a steady-eddy.

Emperor Kan-ye East – Discord expert. Financially crippled the Kingdom by aping into Mongol horse breeds.

Fuk Sake – In house artist. Unknown quantity. Has a 20,000-piece collection of pigeon related items. 

The Gong – Head of marketing. Certified Degen and hype man. Here to get the troops ready to rumble.

(Mouhcine) Buffybot – Backend.

Kaeru Kingdom

The Kaeru are made from combinations of 158 traits that include clothes, backgrounds, eyes, mouths, headwear, and weapons. This has given rise to a load of unique and gnarly combinations, that will undoubtedly help serve the Kingdom in the coming struggles.

The artwork is clean and lovingly detailed with all the NFTs having been hand drawn before digitally illustrated.

The projects aim is to build one of the most inclusive CNFT projects to date and build a strong community of warriors.  This will help guide the Kaerus Kingdoms battleplans and tactics going forward!

The project has its own idea of a prosperous kingdom but would love to hear all your ideas and suggestions as all advice is encouraged as it may help with the impending battle.

“We’re only just getting started and have lots of exciting announcements in store. Stay tuned in for our upcoming giveaways that you won’t want to miss them…  traits can be viewed on our discord” Kaeru Kingdom website.

Season 1

Minting price is set at 28 ADA per token and the project is sure to be stress free in the safe vending hands of BuffyBot, the team who have ensured the smooth launch of blue-chip projects the likes of Clay Mates and the Yummi universe. 

To find out more about the creators of this future top ten Project, we suggest joining their discord as it has been set up to act as an open forum where you can interact with the Emperor, Shogun, Gong and other warriors.

Join the clan to find out more about this unique non-fungible token and help shape its future!

Check the projects links and get involved.

Discord: https://discord.gg/RA6HDaweAW

Website: https://www.kaerukingdom.com/about

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheKaeruKingdom

Policy id

Mint price 28 Ada

Launch date TBA

Verified TBA

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