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The Laughing Sock Collective CNFT Project

The Laughing Sock Collective CNFT Project

One sock said to the other, “Hi, nice toe meet you”.

 I know, I’ll get my coat… but this is also a hint to this projects’ utility.

This is exactly what the Laughing Sock Project is all about, they are, and I quote…

“Putting together an army of humans to band together and help us find our solemates. Do for us that you couldn’t do for yourself!”


Community engagement is part of this project’s growth and will not be releasing a detailed roadmap this early in development. It wants its members to eventually decide, where to take the Project.  Spreading laughter and joy throughout the Cardano community with its original and relatable token, the Laughing Sock Project will not be promising huge and delivering small, if not, nothing. This project aims to promise nothing and deliver HUGE!

My socks got ripped… as soon as they started going to the gym.

The use of utility is as unique as the art. Once you have minted a token you will be pleased to know, each sock will be a pair but not a perfect set. This is revealed in the metadata, and it is then up to the community to interact and trade with each other to complete their wacky set of socks. Token holders then have the option to burn the two NFTs to get an exclusive one with completely new traits.

The friendly sock friend told his sad pair, “When life socks for you, I’ll be heel for you.”

No news on the Discord server yet, and the mint date and price are also yet to be announced, but the website is close to completion and will be available for the community very soon. We can also tell you that the first collection will be released with http://NFTMaker.io.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LaughingSockk

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/9G9kaausWd

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