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The MechAnimals NFT Project S2

The MechAnimals NFT Project S2

NOTE: This project has rugged.

Season 1 was just a taste of what’s to come from the MechAnimals, and the project is pulling out all the guns for its community to ensure the successful launch of season 2.

Season 2

Season 2 of the MechAnimals Project is a collection of 10,000 brilliantly hand-drawn and digitally illustrated, Chinese Zodiac inspired NFTs. The project introduced the Cardano community to the artwork back in January, shortly after announcing their website, and launched season one of their tokens. The project’s second collection of tokens has 5 Rarities, 12 species and a host of newly introduced attributes, resulting in some impressive astrological characters.

Season 2

 Sticking to their roadmap, the project rewarded its community with an airdrop the following month.

The agency is a fan of this project and was one of the many investors who minted this project’ original token, receiving the airdrop. We were pleasantly surprised to find the animated governance token in our wallet and instantly jump into MechAnimals Discord to check their roadmap and to engage with the community.

Now the project is gearing up for the launch of its second drop of MechAnimals NFTs and if you are on the whitelist, you can mint (March 5th) one for only 30 Ada but don’t fret too much as the public mint (March 6th) price will be set at 38 Ada. The MechAnimals also wants you to know about how the community will get to vote REGULARLY on where the royalties are to be used, under a decentralised autonomous organisation (DOA).

Cruising down their roadmap, the project has community in mind and more airdrops planned for its token holders. Not stopping there, they aim to launch a range of Merchandise with exclusive deals for Mech Holders in April 2022. The MechAnimals website will also be adding its own marketplace for its community and will be collaborating with lots of interesting projects to integrate into the metaverse world of avatars.

Mint date: Whitelist 5th March 2022, public 6th March 2022.

Mint price: Whitelisted 30 Ada, Public 38 Ada.

Project links

Website: https://mechanimals.io/

Discord: https://discord.gg/KdTpEDghPV

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