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The Neon Blocks CNFT Project

The Neon Blocks CNFT Project

If you Venture into any town or any city on the planet, it won’t take long for you to come into contact with lights. From the dim hazy glow of an English village, to the hypnotising punch-in-the-face you get from Americas Las Vegas, you would have had to have been living on the Sentinelese Island throughout the 20th century, not to know what a light bulb is.

Rare Season 1

The Aussie Artist behind the Neon Blocks CNFT Project has fully embraced this and will be launching on November 20th with his animated Neon tokens. The first season is made up of 5000 attractive, retro assets and they will be flashing their way into the Metaverse.

This project aims to provide a fun and unique collecting experience with the ability to display your CNFT collection in an interactive ‘Portfolio’ while also giving collectors automatic entry to a regular and large jackpot Lottery. The Lottery jackpot is fuelled by a Stake Pool, future drops, project collaborations and metaverse integrations.

Collectors are automatically eligible with a 1 in 30 chance in each draw for each Neon Block held in their
wallet and winnings airdropped with a cool neon CNFT receipt. The jackpot amounts and draw dates are
to be announced after the launch.

Flow Chart/Roadmap

The Neon Blocks CNFT Project is all about its community and will be opening its Discord shortly after launch to both token and non-token holders, allowing for strong engagement and a rewarding environment.

As well as regular drops, giveaways and competitions along its achievable roadmap and plenty of
collaborations to stay relevant, the Australian Project will be offering the NFT community their unique
‘Neon As A Service’ (NAAS). This is an additional premium service supplied by Neon Blocks where
investors and collectors alike can purchase hand-crafted one off Neon profile pictures, banners, logos
etc… which are designed and then digitally illustrated into one of these iconic non-fungible tokens, to be
used for personal or commercial purposes.

Common Season 1

The Neon Blocks Project is focusing on the future of its NFT, with the industry as dynamic as it is, the creator has taken encouraging steps to ensure the security of itself, so look out!

Neon Blocks are lighting the way.

Launch date – Nov 20th (2pm UTC) 

Mint price – 25 ADA for 1 token.  – 69 ADA for 3 tokens. – 100 ADA for 5 tokens.

Verification: https://cnft.io/ for giveaway policy (Main series pending).

Website: neonblocks.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/neonblockscnft?s=20

Discord: https://discord.gg/TQgXBx8FYV

Writer Mark D

Neon AS A Service (NAAS) 1/1

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