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The Super Chums Project

The Super Chums Project

It’s not work if you’re with mates all day.

Directors and best mates from the UK Project Super Chums, (a graphic designer and a software engineer) aren’t new to the CNFT space. They both have experience surrounding NFTs and have now joined forces to bring their unique token, The Super Chums NFT Project onto the Cardano Blockchain.

season 1

Not everyone can work with their best buddy, but there are no larger louts in this group! With exposer to both crypto currency and non-fungible tokens, the two friends are excited about the Super Chums metaverse that they are creating and are going to be pushing the limits of Utility with their ideas.

So, what is it really like working with your best friend?

“Working together has been awesome! We’ve both wanted to combine our skills to work on a project together for a few years now, with the boom of NFTs (this year especially), our combined passion for technology, crypto and design it seemed like the perfect time to involve ourselves in the community!” Super Chums Designer.

Looking at the project’s roadmap you can tell the best buds are focused on their goals

Season 1

Before launching in late November, the project will be engaging with the NFT space with aims of building a strong and loyal community, to get behind its bright and funky token. In the run up, the team will use social media to promote and offer incentives for investors to grow the potentially passive in-come generating, NFT brand. They will also be reaching out to their community, to take on board any suggestions to help mould the projects future.

As the project gains momentum and grows in size, the minting will take place whilst simultaneously, the best friends will be air dropping tokens to loyal members and providing giveaways to those who have minted a Super Chum. Early adoption is recommended, so keep an eye out as the launch date draws nearer.

The policy ID attached to this season of NFTs will be locked at the end of 2021 and these will be seen as the original (genesis) NFTs, with the tokens main utility used as a revenue generator. There will be 3,333 Super Chums up for grabs and the royalties that are accumulated, are being paid back to its community via a voting platform where communities can then decide where to send its support.

The project will hopefully sell out and if any remain, the friends are likely to follow suit with a burn, increasing the rarity and value of the remainder.

The project intends to keep the floor high with strategic sweeps and strong collaboration, something happening more and more in the supporting and growing space.

The future of the Super Chums brand will involve the launch of a Super Chums merchandise store.  A one-stop online shop or all your garment needs. This will tailor to the token holder, enabling your lovable and wacky character to be professionally printed or embroidered on to hats and T-shirts etc… With the commercial vending industry becoming more accessible (unlike the days of having to code your own) we can see the online shop providing a mint your own option to its portfolio, adding more to the value to the original 3,333 tokens. 

 The mates also have lots of plans moving forward and want to engage in community events and collaborations with other NFT projects to maintain relevance between drops. Growing a strong and loyal community (friends) is very important to the Super Chums Project. Check out their links to keep up to date.

The Project has already taken all the right steps and is verified, ready for the secondary market.

Mint Date: November 27th 4pm UTC

Mint Price: 30 Ada

Website: https://superchums.club/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/superchumsclub

Discord: https://discord.gg/bN2xCn3ers

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