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The Adania NFT Project

The Adania NFT Project

‘Adventure through the lands of Adania, a distant realm of high fantasy. This is a land where humans, elves, orcs and goblins continually do battle for the sake of their own survival’.

‘We want to make a series of games that take place in the world of Adania and make use of the Cardano blockchain. We are committed to the promise that no Adania game will ever be pay-to-win. Our games will be play-to-earn’.

This play to earn NFT is an incredible asset for anyone to hold in their wallet

There are two parts you need to know about Adania, there are Adania Adventurers and Adania Cards.

Adania Adventurers are the first release of NFTs that will be used in every game Adania make – they are the player’s character!

Adania Cards refers to the first game Adania are planning to make. This is a competitive duelling trading card game that uses NFTs in active gameplay.

Adania will use the sale of Adania Adventurers to fund the development of the Adania Cards and other games.

Adania Adventurers

The Adania NFTs, represent characters that can be played in each of their games. 

In each game, these can be introduced differently. For example, in Adania Cards, these NFTs will represent a player’s avatar and profile, whilst in Adania Dungeoncrawler (a planned side scroller game) they will become one of the main characters that you can play as.

There will be an incredible amount of variation in the way Adania Adventurers turn out!

Adania have a ridiculous amount of variance coming from 200+ different weapons (including shields, wands, and ranged weapons), skin tones (7 for humans/elves, 4 for orcs/goblins), racial subtypes (12 currently), hair types (200+), facial hair (200+), facial expressions (150+), helmets, hats, armour and clothing (160+), mounts (4 types, colour variation on each), saddles for the mounts (60+), chariots (11 styles with variation of mounts and attachments), backgrounds (TBD, at the moment 12+) and colour variations for every single one of those.

Adania Cards

These are the NFTs, representing cards that will be used in Adanias upcoming card game. There are 60 cards in total, 1,000 available of each in the first series, and can be bought in packs of 6 cards.

The cards are broken up into racial sets: the Human set, Elven set, Orc set, Goblin set, and the General set. They are further split into 3 types of cards: Units, Items and Magic.

Adania Cards will be a unique style of dueling card game where cards can be played down specific lanes and may only take effect when they encounter another card or the opponent. This game will make use of both Adania Cards and Adania Adventurers.

More details will be released about the game and gameplay throughout 2022.

Twitter – https://twitter.com/adania_io

Website – https://adania.io/home

Discord – https://discord.gg/VtRK6GWn85

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