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True Crime Crypto NFT Project

True Crime Crypto NFT Project

A brand-new experience of earning while you play has been brought to you, by The True Crime Crypto Project.

A brilliantly produced NFT game that is centred around true crime events, is launching on the Cardano blockchain. The True Crime Crypto Project has spared no expense in bringing you a high-quality, collectable, and Playable NFT gaming series. As token holders, you become Detectives as your NFTs packs tell a story. You must race against the clock to solve the mystery by banking your evidence in each episode. By becoming a high scorer, token holders can earn themselves limited edition NFT airdrops and earn the project’s in-game currency, Crime Token.

Bronze Token
Silver Token
Gold Token

The True Crime Crypto Project has created a limited supply of only 35,000 packs of NFTs for its first episode of six in season 1. The level of production from True Crime Crypto is refreshing and rarely seen so early in a roadmap, not asking much from its community other than to enjoy the game and earn native tokens in the process. Each pack of engaging and beautifully detailed NFTs are set at a mint price of only 20 Ada (£9.17/$15 at the time of writing) or 10,000 Crime Token.

There is a deck of 8 randomized, metadata filled NFTs in each pack, and select packs will come with hidden merch and Crime Token. Playing is easy and user-friendly, simply connect your wallet to the True Crime website and purchase packs of the current episode. You will automatically fill out your game board evidence banks with your NFTs.

Evidence Board

The more packs you buy, the more chance you have of scoring big and walking away with top rewards, the project also has its own CRIME marketplace where holders can buy and sell in-game tokens. Players have 30 days to crack the case before the next episode, and all rewards airdropped into the winners’ wallets. After each episode, NFTs are able to be staked with the project’s stake-pool, earning token holders more of the project’s native asset Crime Token.

The idea of the game is to fill your evidence bank and score high on the game board, within the 30 days. There are 44 spaces on the game board, and the evidence bank consists of 11 spaces broken down into 4 categories common, uncommon, rare, and super rare. Once you have filled your board, the story will unfold, and you will have all the evidence to catch the killer and claim your reward.

Crime Coin

So how are the winners determined?

At the conclusion of the episode, the detective with the top combined evidence bank scores will receive a 1/1 legendary suspect NFT along with a percentage of the CRIME token bounty. Additionally, the top 25 scores from each evidence bank will receive a gold suspect NFT and percentage of the CRIME Token bounty. Completing an evidence bank will trigger a multiplier for that evidence bank.

The Fingerprint NFT

True Crime Crypto is around for the forceable future, having everything it needs for its community to enjoy all the episodes in season one, and the project is committed to delivering a more immersive experience with each season.

Keep up to date with the project’s announcements via the link below to their discord.

Mint Date: May 20th 2022

Mint price: 20 Ada per pack

Project link

Discord: discord.gg/truecrimecrypto

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