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Unicordanos NFT Project

Unicordanos NFT Project

NOTE: This project has rugged.

The first rule of this fight club is… That you always, talk about fight club!

The Unicordanos project tokens might appear all innocent with the pink hair and technicoloured
yawns but, don’t let these cute and fluffy assassins fool you. They have the power to make you some
serious gains. The launch and first drop of the 10,000 weapon packing metadata NFTs, will be released into the
Metaverse in preparation for phase 2…

Unicordanos FIGHT CLUB!

Season 1

This play to earn game will have your NFTs battle against other warriors in the club. Each battle is wagered
against, and the winner takes 75% of the winning, having the remainder spread between the clubs
jackpots, the regular and special. Once these jackpots reach their set limits, one lucky online player
will be awarded the accumulated bounty.

To fight, you must bet between 1 and 10 ADA. The ADA will be consumed from your internal wallet,
which you can top up as needed, after the system finds your opponent. You can change your bet if
the queue is taking too long to find an opponent.

The fight will take 2 hours to finish. You can fight with multiple Unicordanos at a time.
If you WIN. You will get back your bet plus 50% of your opponent’s bet. The other 50% will be split
into two Jackpots: 40% will be added to the Club’s Regular Jackpot, and 10% to the Club’s Special

For every 50 ADA accumulated in the Club’s Regular Jackpot, an online player that is currently on a
fight will be drawn and will receive this amount, resetting the counter. For every 1000 ADA
distributed, 100 ADA will be collected as an administrative fee to keep the platform online (10%).
The Club’s Special Jackpot will drop when it reaches 1000 Ada it will also be awarded to a random
online player.

Rarity Table

The system will choose your opponent considering your Unicordano Power within a margin of ±12%.
For example, if your Unicordano has 10200 Power, the system will choose a player who is also in a
queue, for the same bet amount, who has Power between 8976 (-12%) and 11424 (+ 12%). The
Power is an attribute on all Unicordanos metadata that relates to how rare it is. The rarer the items,
the stronger your Unicordano.

The win rate will be based on the NFT Power. Each player has a 50% chance of winning + x% relative
to the Power difference between the two players divided by a fixed value between 100 and 300,
based on the Unicordano Power Table (bottom of the full resolution image). In this page example,
the Power difference is 1600. After we divide it by 200, we get +8%.

Power Chart

Therefore, Power will be directly responsible for the overall win rate for the fight, but it won’t be
definitive. With this mechanic we’ve introduced a little bit of luck, allowing you to still beat an
Unicordano that has more Power than you.

You can also participate in Tournaments with fixed entry fees and prizes for the top three.
Tournaments will last 72 hours (3 days), and the win rate % construction will be the same as for
single fights.

We’ll also have Unicordano’s Academy where you can train your Unicordano by paying an ADA fee.
After the training time (which can go from 8 to 72 hours), your Unicordano will receive an Upgrade
in one of its items, increasing its Power.

The dynamic will be built around the Unicordano Power, an attribute that will be minted inside the
CNFT metadata that correlates to the Unicordanos rarity!

The rarer your Unicordano, the stronger it will be!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/unicordanos

Discord: https://discord.gg/Xp5AdTZnXV

Date: November 7th, 4 pm UTC

Price: 35 to 40A (progressive discount)

Mint Address: #announcements channel on Discord

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