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We Are One (WAO) NFT Project

We Are One (WAO) NFT Project

Occasionally a project just stands out!

WAO NFT Collection

The latest community driven project that is spreading good vibrations throughout the Cardano blockchain and turning heads with its outstandingly detailed collection of 7,117 vibrant abstract character NFTs (Someone tokens) and its achievable utility.


Motivated by the chaos that the world is facing to unite people from all over the world, WAO aims to grow an organic international community who can put their differences aside to celebrate all cultures and their beliefs for what they are. The artwork produced by this project is breathtakingly striking, with traits and attributes taken from history’s pop and influence culture to create an impressive collection worthy of any art gallery. As soon as I laid eyes on the token, I assumed it was an Ethereum project, with its high-rendered 3D PFP collection and IRL utility. But (to my surprise) the WAO project is going to be launched on the Cardano blockchain.

The team behind the WAO project are no strangers to the NFT game, making the transition from the Ethereum blockchain to the Cardano for their We Are One Project, not just because of the gas fees on ETH. But the Cardano community (accommodating and welcoming) are a major factor in the project’s three stage roadmap to achieve its goal of uniting everyone under the sun as one family.


The We Are One community will have a big influence on the project’s direction and the first mint will consist of a small batch of 1000 NFTs. These first 1000 token holders will have WAO Voting rights and will be seen as OG, giving the holder extra benefits and perks.

So, what can a token holder expect?

  • NFT staking
  • A WAO community fund and voting system
  • A new brand of community clothing
  • A future Solana collection
  • Token-omics
  • Rug insurance

We Are One are also working with the Voxel Architecture Studio to build a metaverse where your NFT will become an avatar, you will have access to the project’s very own sandbox clubhouse where token holders are able to play arcades games, interact in an exclusive lounge space, play in a non-monetary casino, visit the art galleries along with sports pitches and games for all and much more. The projects discord will be the heart of this projects community and becoming an early investor will have you smiling knowing you got a 25% discount on your OG NFT and the confidence your investment is in capable and trusted hands.


The mint is structured to allow OG holders to have a greater stake in the future mint and brand, as well as benefiting from a 25% discounted mint price. This will enable the WAO project to structure and enact upon their Utilities, so they are ready for a full-scale implementation following the public launch with no downtime in the project, which is common in the space post launch. Once they launch publicly, the team can deliver upon their complex reward ecosystem to benefit both the public minters and the executive (OG) minters, who have a geared system to gain commission on all the additional sales and revenue.

We Are One

The We Are One NFT project has me excited and impatient for mint day. WAO will be launching with a small batch of 1000 NFT OG token August 20th 2022 and will be looking to its community to vote on each important stage of the project’s growth. Everything mentioned in this article is just the tip of the iceberg and my own personal opinions.


Do Your Own Research (DYOR)! Below are the project’s links for you to check out and see for yourself what this unique project has to offer.

Mint date: August 20th

Mint price: 75 Ada (first 1000) and 100 Ada thereafter.

Project Links:

Website: https://nftwao.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NFTWeAreOne  

Discord: https://discord.gg/QFevvkhE7P

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